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  1. I interviewed in Decemeber and did not get a call back. I am really bummed out :(
  2. @trjen what is a good area to live in? That is not far from campus. Also did you receive a finanical aid letter from the program? Do you need to apply for extra loans on your own? I am moving from chicago and trying to find a place a hard. I planning on flying out to see places next week. Any advice?
  3. Congrats to all who got accepted. I am still waiting and I am getting nervous.
  4. When did you interview @freshpa?
  5. How far is Fells point from the campus and do you guys recommend living there?
  6. Thanks!! What good neighborhoods are near by the school??
  7. I got my acceptance letter yesterday!!! Soooooo happy!! For those of you who live in Baltimore, where are the safe/good areas to live in?
  8. I finally received the confirmation email! I am so excited!
  9. I received the email About 1 week ago.
  10. I received an invite for early interview, I replied to accept the interview and selected a date, but have not received a confirmation yet. Is anyone else having the same problem?
  11. Does anyone know if all the calls went out?
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