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  1. I don't know how many spots are filled, but I can tell you I just withdrew from my seat this morning. There's at least one left! ;)
  2. My time-frame last year was the same as yours, MaryRose. Rejected around Thanksgiving, asked for feedback immediately, and didn't receive feedback until January 10th. All mine said was "Improve interview skills." D: I did send an email in late December to check in, but it didn't seem to speed things up at all.
  3. I declined my spot at EMU today so my seat is up for grabs. Good luck everyone!
  4. They didn't leave a voicemail!? Call them back! The pricing is rather disappointing. I think it would be amazing to be one of only 20 students in a brand-spanking-new facility with super enthusiastic faculty and staff living their dreams, but I'll save over $12k by going with WSU.
  5. I was accepted today by phone around 2:30pm!!! :D They're giving 7 days from invitation to decision deadline. Good luck everyone!
  6. I was just invited to interview on Friday, December 6th! :D The day after I get home from my interview at Duke I'll be leaving for Chicago! What an exciting week!
  7. I guess the waiting game continues. :\
  8. Still crossing my fingers for an interview! Have you heard back yet, SEN92 or sherm1cn? Does anyone know how many seats have been filled?
  9. I think it went well. :) Better than last year when I totally choked! I had John McGinnity for an interviewer which felt like an honor since he's the president-elect of AAPA. He said everyone can expect to hear back likely in December before Christmas. Good luck to everyone still to interview!
  10. Anyone else interviewing this Friday? I'm getting pretty excited!
  11. @cakolp They didn't speak on the exact number of interviews they would be extending, no. The group interview was specifically directed. The interviewees were given 2 questions to discuss and answer as a group. The interviewers only observed and asked followup questions as necessary. It was pretty low pressure and sort of fun. :) It was my first ever group interview so I'm not sure how it measures up against any "regular" format.
  12. @akbazzi - I messaged you to answer your question to keep the WSU forum focused on WSU. :)
  13. I interviewed this morning! It was from 8a - 12p and consisted of a group interview between 5 applicants and 3 interviewers, 2 one-on-one interviews, a presentation, a tour, and a Q&A. It was very well organized and there weren't too many unexpected questions. Everyone was very friendly and I felt that all of the interviewers were keen on diffusing my nerves. :) They even provided snacks!
  14. I am interviewing at EMU on Monday. They invited me this past Tuesday by email. I'll try to post more info after work! :) I know they mentioned two other interview dates in addition to Monday, which is their "early admission" date.
  15. I'll be interviewing December 3rd!! I submitted my supplemental application on August 12th. :D :D
  16. Yesterday I was invited via email to interview Monday, October 7th! Other dates available are October 21st and 25th. Good luck everyone!
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