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  1. I don't know how many spots are filled, but I can tell you I just withdrew from my seat this morning. There's at least one left! ;)
  2. My time-frame last year was the same as yours, MaryRose. Rejected around Thanksgiving, asked for feedback immediately, and didn't receive feedback until January 10th. All mine said was "Improve interview skills." D: I did send an email in late December to check in, but it didn't seem to speed things up at all.
  3. I declined my spot at EMU today so my seat is up for grabs. Good luck everyone!
  4. They didn't leave a voicemail!? Call them back! The pricing is rather disappointing. I think it would be amazing to be one of only 20 students in a brand-spanking-new facility with super enthusiastic faculty and staff living their dreams, but I'll save over $12k by going with WSU.
  5. I was accepted today by phone around 2:30pm!!! :D They're giving 7 days from invitation to decision deadline. Good luck everyone!
  6. I was just invited to interview on Friday, December 6th! :D The day after I get home from my interview at Duke I'll be leaving for Chicago! What an exciting week!
  7. I guess the waiting game continues. :\
  8. Still crossing my fingers for an interview! Have you heard back yet, SEN92 or sherm1cn? Does anyone know how many seats have been filled?
  9. I think it went well. :) Better than last year when I totally choked! I had John McGinnity for an interviewer which felt like an honor since he's the president-elect of AAPA. He said everyone can expect to hear back likely in December before Christmas. Good luck to everyone still to interview!
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