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  1. How was yours Tanya? How was the writing sample?
  2. Hey Congradulations. I have my interview comming up next month. How was your interview? How was the writing sample?
  3. Any one got an interview with Drexel on November 2nd with me?
  4. Anyone got their interview on Nov. 2ed with me?
  5. Any one got accepted at Salus for the class of 2015?
  6. Anyone got accepted at Salus for the class of 2015 please let me know. If there is a group to join please let me know. I would like to know my classmates. Thanks :)
  7. Hi all, Does anyone know about Salus teaching style and attrition rate? I would appriciate if anyone have any information about that and can share it with me. Thanks
  8. I would like to know more about their teaching style and their attrition rate. If anyone has any information on that I would appriciate if they could share it with me. Thanks.
  9. Can anyone tell me about the Salus program? How is their way of teaching? what is their attrition rate? I appriciate it if anyone can share their information.
  10. Hi all, Is anyone attending Salus program and can tell me a little about the program and their way of teaching. I would appriciate it.
  11. I appologize. I am a new member just started today. How do I move this post to the pre-PA?
  12. Hi everyone, I withdraw from my PA program this year due to personal problems. However, I would like to get into another PA program which I think is better. I finished one of my courses and withdraw two others. what are my chances of getting accepted into another PA program for the fall of 2013. I would appriciate if anyone knows anything about that.
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