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  1. I'm not applying this cycle, so I have plenty of time to retake, I just really, really don't want to.
  2. I finally got my GRE scores. ETS was nice enough not to notify me when my score was complete. Anyway, my scores were as follows: Quantitative 146 ~560 ~27th percentile Verbal 155 ~530 ~65th percentile Analytical 4.5 I'm pretty upset about quantitative. How crucial is it that I suffer through the examination once more? (My top choice is DeSales)
  3. Thanks a lot. I have an eyebrow piercing as well which is conveniently removable. It's actually growing out anyways, so I don't expect to have it for much longer.
  4. Planning on getting a tattoo on my upper arm/triceps area. Nothing vulgar or particularly offensive. Is this a bad idea?
  5. I was a volunteer at the local hospital during high school. I checked their website to see if there are more "advanced" volunteer positions now that I'm an adult. There aren't :-_-:
  6. I know that HCE is supposed to mean being "directly responsible for patient care", but I've discharged and transported patients, brought them food and water, etc. I don't intend to use this as my primary HCE, but I am hoping that this counts since it'll add to my total number of hours. I now understand why HCE is viewed as important to the admissions department, and that it isn't meant to demonstrate that you are committed to the profession.
  7. It's possible to get EMT cert through a volunteer org for free. Other ideas are getting a job as a patient care associate, emergency department volunteer, pharmacy technician, orderly, medical office assistant, or all kinds of volunteer work. Good luck.
  8. Long Island University has a list on their site. This should give some examples. Good luck. http://www.liu.edu/Brooklyn/Academic...S/ProgReq.aspx — Medical assistant — Surgical technologist — Licensed practical or registered nurse — Dental assistant — Dental hygienist — Certified nursing assistant — Home health aide — Residential aide — Emergency medical technician — Paramedic — Physical therapist — Occupational therapist — Physical therapy assistant — Physical therapy aide — Occupational therapy assistant — Occupational therapy aide — Respiratory therapist — Perfusio
  9. That was about money. I was 19 years old. Someone was offering me tens of thousands of dollars toward my education. My thought at the time was "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I'd be stupid to pass this up." I kept an open mind. I don't regret my decision. I learned a lot from it, and I'm better for it.
  10. Hey. I'm no expert whatsoever, but, friend to friend I'd say if money is an issue, go to your Mom's school of course. Otherwise, if you're into philosophy do that. I can feel your passion through your words. If you do what you love, you won't regret it. You'll find a way to make it work! And kudos for having the courage to follow your dreams!
  11. That doesn't jive with my logic. It isn't a realistic option for me. I won't spend time thinking about it. There is a philosophy that urges one to focus upon utilizing one's strengths, rather than spending tens of thousands of hours trying to build up weaknesses. I live by that.
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