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  1. I actually applied quite late. They received my application on 8/6/2012 and I was sent an interview invite on 8/24/201 for their October 2012 interview slot. Towson usually does their interview process between August through December.
  2. Hi Bca01, I am a first year student at Towson/CCBC program. We just started our semester 6/3/2013, so I don't have my clinical experience to share yet. The instructors so far highly knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. The classes go fast and there is a lot of information thrown at you at once, as in any PA school. We are a great group in our class and we work as a team, which makes things a little easier. I don't excatly know what the color coding means, but from my expereince it seems like color red would mean the more desirable experience, color blue after that and color green the last. However, I think as long as you have good amount of "patient care" hours with a good GPA, you will be fine :) It's important you apply early to have a better chance of getting an interview.
  3. I got an email last week as well saying I was placed on the alternate list for interview, but I declined to stay on the list as I was accepted to my in-state program. Hopefully that will open up a potential stop. I really did like Chatham's PBL Learning Model only problem it's too expensive for out-of-state students. Good Luck to everyone!!
  4. Hello all, Just received my acceptance email today!!!! Congrats to all who got accepted and can't wait to start/meet you guys in Summer 2013.
  5. Hey nrdelize! Many congrats on your acceptance !! When did you interview? Where you in the 10/24/2012 interview group?
  6. Hello Everyone, Congrats to all who got an interview invite!! I look forward to meeting you guys on November 30th :) Nikita
  7. Hey guys, Thank you so much for the input about the interview process that really does help :) Nikita
  8. Hello, All Just received a call for my interview. I am scheduled for 10/24/2012 at 8.00am. Anyone else scheduled for that day? Fellows who were already accepted/interviewed this year, any insight on the process will be greatly appreciated. Few questions I have are: 1) Do they have any group exercise? 2) What kind of essay do they ask? Is there any time limit on it? 3) Is there a group interview? Any input will be great help!!! Thank you Nikita
  9. Hey Katie, Thank you so much for your advise/input. I contacted Ms. Shaw and she informed me that they have not yet set-up the next interview date and will probably not be until mid to late October. I am so nervous!!!! Do you have any tips on how to prepare for the interview. How is the interview process? What kind of essay/writing questions do they have, if any? Any input will be greatly appreciated. Nikita
  10. Hello Everyone! First of all I want to congratulate to all those of you who got accepted!! That's great news!! I am just wondering if anyone can give me an idea of how long does it take before the call you for the interview once you complete the "intent form" I received the email for interview on 8/24/2012 (Friday) and submitted my "intent form" on 8/27/2010 (Monday). I still haven't received a call for my interview. I am getting really nervous. If someone can give me insight on the turnaround time I will greatly appreciate it!! Thank you
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