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  1. Hi everyone! Sorry I started the thread and then disappeared... I've liked our facebook page too (I'm Laura), but not much is going on there yet. I think we are supposed to get contact info with the packets, but anything we can get going before then would be great! I'm currently in Raleigh, so if anyone is heading to Winston for whatever, let me know.
  2. I would imagine living expenses could vary quite a bit, even with non-discretionary items. Monthly car payments for example--I don't currently have a car payment but most people do. Or renting a room vs. having roommates vs. living on your own. What if an older student had a house they couldn't sell but had to move to go to school? That seems likely in the current housing market, but it shouldn't prevent them from going away to school. Is there no variability allowed in living expenses? And I have another question about financial aid/FASFA: I'm assuming you have to know which program you will be attending before starting your FASFA, correct? I'm about 95% sure, but I do have a couple more interviews scheduled.
  3. Undergrad Ed School: NCSU, Biochemistry and Zoology (double major) 1995 Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.76 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.72 Graduate Ed School: Wake Forest, Masters in Education 1996 Cumulative Graduate GPA: 3.76 Science Graduate GPA: 3.0 PostBac: Anatomy and Physiology I and II, Pathophysiology and Medical Terminology (at a local community college) 2012 Age at application time : 39 1st GRE: 163 Verbal, 157 Quantitative, 4.5 Analytical Direct Patient Care: 40 hours phlebotomy; 130 hours health/fitness education Health Care Experience: 5 years full time Medical Laboratory Technologist in a Public Health lab Shadowing: 18 hours Extracurricular/Research Activities: school was so long ago that I didn't include extracurriculars, only other leadership and volunteer roles in recent years Schools Applied: Wake Forest, Methodist, OHSU, UW-Madison, University of New England, Chatham University, Arcadia, DeSales, Stony Brook, Cornell, SUNY Upstate, Salus Application Submitted Date: 8/31/12 Schools Received Application Date: Application verified 9/20/12 Interview Invites (as of 12/10/12): Chatham, Wake Forest, Arcadia, Methodist Secondary Application Invite: Cornell Denied (as of 12/10/12): University of New England, OHSU, SUNY Upstate Withdrew Application: still interviewing... Waitlisted: none yet... Accepted: Chatham and Wake Forest!
  4. November 14. I believe there was another interview day the week after Thanksgiving too.
  5. I just got the phone call yesterday--accepted from the November interviews! Just thought I'd start a thread for communication purposes, since I didn't see another one. I live in NC already and have actually lived in Winston-Salem if anyone has any questions. I still have another interview scheduled, and I'm sort of waiting to hear from one other school, but Wake Forest was my first choice. Unless another program really amazes me, I'll be back in Winston-Salem in less than 6 months! :=D:
  6. Just received my acceptance packet in the mail today!
  7. This may seem like a silly question, but are pets allowed in any of the campus housing? I have a 12 year old dog that I can't exactly leave behind...
  8. I'm sure it's a little too soon to ask, but has anyone who interviewed in November been accepted yet?
  9. I would love to hear some specifics as well. Clearly, if the program is on probation, there are problems. But what were the problems and what is being done to fix them?
  10. I don't know when exactly the school's accreditation status changed, but I was wondering if the smoke was starting to clear? Are things looking up for the program? Or is it still in flux?
  11. Does anyone know of any PA schools who lean a little more towards the functional/integrative medicine side of treating patients? Extra attention paid towards nutrition or preventative medicine, not necessarily herbs and acupuncture... Thanks!
  12. Sorry for all of the questions, but I've just found you all today!! I have two classes that I tested out of as a freshman, but they are included in my transcript with the letter "A" next to them. The legend says that the "A" code means advanced placement/credit by exam. If I remember correctly, they were just placement tests that I took at orientation or something. Not actual AP exams. Should I still list them as "Advance Placement" courses, "Exempted", or something different? Thanks!
  13. I have two different experiences that I would like to include on my application, but I don't know where to put them. They are both related to health education--I am a volunteer group leader for a local Galloway group (marathon training group), and I am the volunteer wellness coordinator for my fellow employees at the lab where I work (our committee provides nutrition/fitness/health issues education). These are not totally unrelated to healthcare, otherwise I could put it under community service. But it's not "patient care" either, in the strictest sense. I am regularly asked and offering advice, however. Primarily on nutrition and fitness issues. I am a certified Health Fitness Specialist with ACSM, so it's educated advice, by the way. Does it make a difference if I mention that I am overwhelmed with thousands of hours of "other healthcare experience" while having almost zero direct patient care experience?
  14. If only current certifications go under Healthcare Training, is there a place for expired certifications? I want to show that I trained and earned my phlebotomy certification, even if I didn't keep it current. I don't have the training under transcripts because it was from one of those for-profit places... not a community college or anything. I also had my science teaching certificate once upon a time...
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