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  1. i retook one course during my undergrad and still got in. I think it's ok as long as you are not retaking too many courses. I would't worry too much about it. I know lots of people who retook a course or two and still got into grad school.
  2. Thanks Farhana. Cleverisallxx is right! Call them on Monday and ask if you could get a status update.
  3. Thanks Celverisllxx!! Congrats to you also.
  4. But I should also let you know that I had called earlier this week to get a status update, so maybe they normally do call or email but they didn't to me because I had called them.
  5. Thanks Kenneth. No I didn't receive a call or email, just the package.
  6. I was interviewed on Feb 22nd and just got the acceptance package today!!!!!!!! I'm superrrrrr excited.
  7. yea just checked the mail.it came late today..nothing yet! :(
  8. I also interviewed 2/22 and each day is passing by sooo slowly! Yea I know it's only been 4 days but I've already started waiting for the mailman each morning lol. And yes I think they inform through mail.
  9. Thanks!! :) Does anyone know how many students they are accepting this year?
  10. I just wanted to confirm, the interview is at the Bronx campus at 1200 waters place right?
  11. Do you guys think there are still seats left? I was supposed to be interviewed earlier but had to change my date and now I'm interviewing on Feb 22. I hope they still have seats left. What do you guys think?
  12. Thanks Mordechai! That makes me feel a lot better! I'm really looking forward to this interview and hope everything goes well.
  13. Thanks bhtoon1 and Mordechai. @Mordechai: I know you can't tell specific questions, but do you mind telling us the overall interview process and what you thought of it? Was it pretty casual and relaxed or more formal? Also, what did you think about three people being interviewed at the same time? Thanks in advance :)
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