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  1. Hi all, I am currently an Emergency Medicine PA in Brooklyn and Long Island; and have been in Practice for 2 years. My husband is a also a PA; he does Internal Medicine and Peds Primary care. We’re considering leaving NY to move to NC as we’ve heard it’s a very PA friendly state, many nice areas for young families, lower cost of living, bigger and more luxurious homes for less money when compared to NY’s market, and better quality of life. We’ve considered cities like Charlotte and Raleigh. Is anyone here a PA in NC and willing to shed some light on what it’s like being a PA in NC? Salary for an ED and IM PA? Job market? Life in NC for young professionals with potential to start a family? Thanks so much for all your inputs! Best, TJL
  2. Some of you asked about the interview process. As far as questions asked, preparation is key. Everyone gets asked different questions. I would recommend a book by Andrew Rodican that really helped me "How to ace the PA school interview". If you read this book, and follow his advice, you should be fine. I was interviewed by 4 faculty members. I pretty much sat across from them, and questions were coming from every angle. Sounds scary and nerve racking, I know! But be prepared, confident, relax and remember to smile and also ask questions. I read a lot about the profession, the history of the program, met with many past and current students through my shadowing experiences. Prepare, prepare, prepare! I literally stood in front of my mirror and rehearsed again and again :) If you guys have any more questions, feel free to ask. I will be stopping by periodically. Best wishes to you all!!!
  3. You're welcome! As we get closer to the start, I will come back and and say more on the orientation and a typical day as a PA student. But for now, I will quickly say one thing. You will have absolutely no time for anything other than school. It's a full time job with overtime. We're in class all day, and right after class, we run out like crazy to go read, read, read, and read until bed time. The story never ends! Exam, quizzes, exam, quizzes. But it's doable, we're not the first, and we won't be the last to do it :)
  4. Hello Everyone, I'm a PA student at the Sophie Davis PA program in NY. I would like to briefly interview a Physician Assistant, specifically from Phily, from Class of 1990-1999. I have a very short and briefly list of questions that can be answered either by phone or by email. The interview will be used for a class project. With that said, if you or anyone you know, is a 1990-1999's PA graduate from Phily, willing to share your experience with us in a brief format, Please reply to this post or message me with your contact information. Thank you very much for your consideration. TJL
  5. Hello everyone, I am currently a student at the Sophie Davis PA program. I especially remember that time of the year, last year, when I was applying. I was hopeful, anxious, fearful, excited, eager to say the least. I can certainly empathize with you all. For that reason, I'm here to answer any questions that you guys might have about the admission process and/or the program itself. As you might have heard, there are no words to describe to describe the intensity of the program, time is never in our favor. As our seniors, now alumni, describe it, we only do 3 things, eat breathe and read read read.Nonetheless, I will try my best to stop by and answer your questions whenever I get a chance. I wish you all the best. Remain optimistic and hopeful!!!
  6. This is it guys! The real deal now. I'm proud to officially call myself a PA student and to have you all as classmates. Good Luck! I wish you all the very best. Together, we'll conquer it all! TJL
  7. Ashley, Thank you so much for your input, we appreciate it. Very helpful words of advice!!! We can't wait to meet you all! TJL
  8. Hey Guys! How's everyone doing? We are getting much closer to the big day "Day 1 of PA school/Orientation/dinner"... On a countdown and exactly 1 month away! Ok... During the past couple of days, I revisited the option of moving to a place much closer to Campus and avoid the long commute. Although I've noticed here that many of you have decided to commute, I seriously think it'll make my life much easier if I could live just down the block for those 28.5 months lol. So with that being said, By any chance, are there any of my soon-to-be classmates looking to stay near campus? anyone looking for a roommate? I'm desperately searching for room availability walking-distance to the campus. Please let me know if anything. Thanks. Enjoy the free time left y'all!!! :) TJL
  9. Hi! I believe that we have to do something of that sort. But I haven't gotten any further information besides the acceptance letter. I had called to ensure that my deposit was received, and now I just wait to hear from them again!
  10. omeleni and hype21: awwww, so sweet. Kudos to you guys who have kids and family!! It's absolutely ideal to stay home in such cases. I too had plans to use the commute as study time but my friend almost convinced me to just move around there as it would make things much easier. That's great some us will commute, because we can walk to the train stations together after class. @hype21: I never like to drive into the city because it's so crowded, traffic and hard to find parking but I am not sure how it is around the school, carpool would be a good idea. Hopefully others will also comment on this to give us an idea. And by the way: I am so super duper excited. Today, I officially tendered my resignation with almost one month notice. Now I eagerly wait for July to meet you all and begin the marathon lol.
  11. Hey guys! Since I live in Brooklyn, I was not at all thinking of housing options, as I was planning on staying home and commute the 1h30mns by trains daily. Today, I spoke to a former student who shared with me that the commute was very tough for her as sometimes classes finished late and other times she'd be stuck at the library for late hours. She said that within 2 months into the program, she moved into an apartment across from the school. Now I start to wonder if I would have to do something similar. For those accepted and have to commute far, what are your plans? Any current or past students willing to comment on this please!!?? We'd appreciate your input. Thank you :) TJL
  12. To Hadassah and Yoel32: I wish you both well for the upcoming cycle. Remain positive and strong! Go for your dream and you will make it!! Best of Luck. Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. We are willing to help in anyway we can. Again, Best of luck!
  13. Hey guys! Congrats again to all those who are accepted!!! I'm so thrilled and I can't wait to meet you all. I was thinking about having a meet-up among us before orientation begins. We are all going to be in this journey together as a family, we better start getting to know one another much sooner than later. Anyone with ideas, please post! I was thinking a brunch in the city perhaps on June 22nd or June 23rd. I'd be delighted to meet you all. TJL
  14. Thanks so much! that's what I was also thinking. I'll get the regular sized now. and when it's time for clinicals, I'll get the mini as well :)
  15. Great suggestions all! I've always used windows and always have to replace my laptops every 2-3 years due to malfunctioning and virus invasion, I'm sick and tired of it. I'm starting PA school this summer and I plan on getting both a MAC and an iPAD. It seems to me that more of you are in favor of the Pro, I might very well consider it. But I was thinking to get an iPAD mini. iPAD or IPAD mini, Which one do you guys think will be better in addition to a macbook?
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