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  1. Has anyone become a PA in 4 years? Cause I live in NY and I just saw this from St. Johns. It seems too good to be true........ Is their a catch? http://www.stjohns.edu/academics/undergraduate/pharmacy/programs/pa http://www.stjohns.edu/academics/undergraduate/pharmacy/programs/pa/program_requirements.stj Any other 4 year programs? -Currently a senior about to make my decision on my major soon.
  2. Thanks! Ill keep that in mind :)
  3. Am I reading this correctly? Or is this too good to be true? http://www.stjohns.edu/academics/undergraduate/pharmacy/programs/pa/program It says Its a four year program. Does that mean after these 4 years (without summer classes) I can go straight into a hospital and work as a PA? Heres the classes for the 4 years - http://www.stjohns.edu/academics/undergraduate/pharmacy/programs/pa/program/curriculum.stj
  4. Is it possible to be a RN and then go to PA school? Has anyone done it? The problem I have is that after I do the 4 years of Pre-Req for PA i want to have something in my back pocket just in case everything doesnt go well. Of course Nurse Practitioner is an option....
  5. If i get a major in nursing and a minor in something else health related then can i go into the pa program after 4 year or do i have to take extra classes?
  6. I heard that you have to major in something for the 4 years. So that means that if I wanted to. I could major in nursing and after that i could become a nurse or enter the Pa program. Am i correct???? Or do I have to do Biology or something like that. Because i don't want to do nursing and then find out that I am missing some classes to enter the PA program :xD: Because i would really major in nursing then go into Pa program. Also if anything happens i could get a job as a nurse. Thanks a lot for answering.
  7. I'm kinda new to this so i have a question. Any time I have one I will post it here. So i know you have to do 4 year of pre req before you can enter the Pa program. So for the 4 year can you: 1. Do it at any college 2. Do it on colleges that have the Pa program 3. Or something else. I live in NY, if you wanted to know. Going to be a Junior in HS once school starts. So its an important year for me.
  8. Also note that im not staying on campus. So i picked schools that are from 1 min - 1 hour 30min away.
  9. Alright though i dont think i parent will let me get a job because they want me to focus on school. i will try anyway. Thanks for your response.
  10. I heard its not and that the pa program sucks. If it does i wont go. be honest please
  11. Anyone that is currently in it give me your opinion please.
  12. So here are my choices LIU - Brooklyn - not sure but i think its around 27,000 York College - $16,520 Touro College - around 15,00 Hofstra University - $34,000 New York Institute of Tech - $28,020 St Johns - 29,000 NEW YORK: Weill Cornell Medical College - 23,790.00 i think. Yea so i dont know which one to choose to start my 4 years. I am a junior right now and i was wondering which college i should go to. I wanna plan everything out now so i dont have to do it latter :P Note: My parents dont have a lot of money. They are both CNA's. I will get full financial aid. (5k)
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