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  1. Hello all, As the title states, I am looking to move from California to Georgia. I have been working as a PA here for 2 years in primary care. I am attempting to navigate the application process, but it is confusing and I have questions. Is there anyone who has gotten licensure as an out of state practicing PA who wouldn't mind answering a few questions? Thank you in advance
  2. Just got mine but I have decided to decline in favor of another program I was accepted to. Hope this opens up a slot for someone else! Good luck to you all!! :)
  3. I'd email your advisor (goes by last name) and ask for clarification.
  4. You also get Grad PLUS loans which I believe are credit based but they should cover the rest of tuition/living expenses/ect.
  5. Which job are you referring to? Unit secretary or Patient Sitter?
  6. Thank you all for your input. I think I will end up declining the job offer. I was also offered a job as a patient sitter, but I don't think that counts as HCE either. I guess the search continues lol
  7. I work in a Microbiology lab. I am not a certified tech, but I do things that go beyond just basic specimen processing (ex. making/reading gram stains, subbing out positive blood cultures, antigen testing, notifying to doctors/nurses about alerts/positives/ect). So it is more so indirectly dealing with patients because I don't go on the floors and deal with people personally.
  8. Hello all, I'm fairly new to this site, so please bear with me :smile:. Would something like a Unit Secretary on a Labor and delivery floor of a hospital count for HCE? Some background: I became and EMT-b last summer and haven't had the best luck in finding direct patient care work using the certification. I currently work in a laboratory (in a hospital setting), but the schools I've contacted said that this was more of an indirect form of patient contact experience. I was just recently contacted for a position as a unit secretary on a Labor and Delivery floor of the hospital I wo
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