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  1. I am a current LRP recipient. My site score is 18. Sites with higher score has a preference and the money comes from a limited resource so they prioritize based on the score. At one point the LRP was upto $60,000. Presently it is $50,000 for 2 years of service.
  2. I graduated from St. John's PA program in 2012, 4 years out of High School. If you get into their PA direct program and maintain the GPA requirement, you will have a seat saved for you in the program. The key is the GPA. My Junior year, which is when we started the PA program out of the ~90 students ~60-70 of us were original St. Johns students. Although by 2020 all the schools will have to offer a Masters level degree, those graduated before hand will be grandfathered in. But it is always good to have a masters degree. The good thing is if you are able to maintain the GPA and graduate in 4 yo
  3. You have to have good GPA if you are planning to transfer as a Pre-Pa. It's a good University.
  4. St.John's program is a good program to start as an undergrad. I recently graduated '12. When I started in 2008 the undergrad requirement was 3.0 gpa. But our 2nd year they dropped it to 2.7. You will think it is easy but it is not. Especially the 3rd semester with anatomy, chemistry and microbiology. These 3 classes have labs..so 3 labs every week 3 hours each. And if you are struggling as a pre pa at stjohn's you will have difficult time once you start the program. You need to have good GPA as a Pre-PA so you have some cushioning when you start PA school. They improved the program with our cl
  5. To everyone out there that it is not possible to be a PA at age 21, I am an example! I graduated with a BS in physician assistant studies last year and I was 21 years old when I passed my boards. I went right out of high school to a direct PA program. And as I just started working in a very busy primary care, I realize that PA school didn't prepare me for the things am dealing with. But I am lucky to have good support from all the physicians on board.
  6. http://healthtechnology.stonybrookmedicine.edu/programs/pa/papp/welcome Stony Brook has an excellent Masters Program
  7. I really wanted to join the army and was starting the process. That's when the recruiter guy told me, we need a masters degree now. :sweat:. Well I am starting my master in 2 weeks. So I guess I have to wait till that is done.
  8. I just graduated from Stj PA program. I know 2011 pass rate was low and that was a big eye opener for the school. So for us they gave us free accounts with exam master and made it a requirement to do questions on a regular basis. Also we couldn't graduate unless we pass all these exams. They made a lot of changes to class of 2013. Talking to class of 2013 students they made the exams harder and they are on top of individual students about studying. Good luck to anyone going there. It is a good program. And from what I know about class of 2011 the first 50 who took the pance passed on their f
  9. @PA4_13 I used First Aid USMLE step 2 ck and Step-up 2. Really Great books. Lange questions book is a must! i also bought Kaplan Pance review questions for 1 year which I thought was really helpful.
  10. I just took it on Aug 14th...and I don't know how I am surviving this anxiety. Hopefully I will get it this Thursday...
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