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  1. Checking-in... I'll be there in Sept with you guys and gals. @cadogan68, I am from Southern California originally but am not familiar at all with Riverside-San Bernardino area. Right now I'm living in the SF Bay Area. @ethergore, I don't have Facebook but please come back to this forum and let me know if someone creates a page for our class! I might have to sign up.
  2. I have observed that the forums take interest in PA/NP disparity. Note this ad I found on CL for a position in San Mateo. It's not a huge difference in salary, but it seems completely arbitrary... http://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/hea/4225471844.html BAART Programs is a leader in providing substance abuse treatment programs and primary care to people in need throughout the State of California, Vermont, Nebraska, Arizona and North Carolina. We are currently seeking a full-time or part-time Nurse Practitioner (NP) or Physician Assistant (PA) for our San Mateo clinic. Full-time equivalent annualized salary for the Nurse Practitioner position will be $91,670 or more, depending on experience. Full-time equivalent annualized salary for the Physician Assistant position will be $89,000 or more, depending on experience.
  3. It did not take me long to find a job. Maybe I was lucky. I worked as a critical care tech in a local hospital where the EMT-B cert was required for me to care for ICU patients while they were away from the floor. I found that other units within the hospital were looking for techs to be used in a similar capacity, especially the emergency department. Look out for open tech positions in interventional radiology as well. A friend of mine was hired as a patient care assistant and discovered that mobility within the hospital was achievable, and quickly put his EMT skills to work in a new position.
  4. I used "Training 911". They have classes all over Northern Virginia and seem to be cheaper than anywhere else. They don't have new classrooms or slick technology, but it was fast, I was well prepared for the exams, and I was offered a job pretty quickly after I got my cert.
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