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  1. Oh awesome, yep, I remember you Isabel, just didn't know your screen name- do now! Congratulations!! That's so exciting! You're going to be great!
  2. Congratulations!! Not sure who this is but I'm very happy for you! Jose and Joey also got called today.. Congratulations to all of you! -Joe
  3. Got off a little later than expected. Headed there now, I'll be a little late coming from the valley. Look forward to seeing everyone.
  4. Nice, that's awesome man! Sounds like you're on the right road. I'm sure you'll make a strong applicant. I know you've got a strong corner too. If I'm in a position to help in any way, once you do embark on the application process, I most definitely will. Happy Veterans Day
  5. Thanks Mykaela, you're too kind! I can't think of any questions in particular at this point, but I'm sure there'll be lots If I'm selected for a seat. ? Any advice, or tips, or suggestions that come to mind are welcome- general or specific- I'm open. I appreciate your and Justin's support. I bet, I'm happy to hear you're enjoying it. I can only imagine what it must be like making the connections as you put all that new information to practice. Sounds exciting.
  6. Hey, thanks Justin, I appreciate that! Sounds like you've got a great plan! It sure would be awesome to be a PA, right?! ? Tell Mykaela I said hello. I hope to have some questions for you guys- just have to make it past the interview. Any advice she has on that is most definitely welcome, of course. How's she liking her rotations, does she have a favorite?
  7. Hi everyone, Congratulations on the interview invites! I'm at it again this year too. This will be my third time interviewing and it's the 4th time I've applied. So for the folks who didn't get invited, or are thinking of giving up, please don't- there's always hope ?Please count me in for the Friday evening meet. We did this the first time I interviewed and seeing familiar faces helped ease some of the tension for sure. I couldn't make it to the meet before my last interview and I wished I had been able to. Anyways, please count me in when making the reservation. I lo
  8. I know of two folks that received the call today. One around 8AM and the other just after 10AM. So happy for them! And still hanging on and hoping I can share the joy I know they're experiencing. The anticipation is literally killing me. Lol
  9. Hi Justin, Yes, it was such a pleasant surprise to see Mykaela there as a STUDENT! And very nice to see a familiar face as well. So happy for you guys! I'm anxiously waiting man, keeping my fingers crossed lol. There were so many amazingly experienced and talented people there. I'll be looking for folks to announce their selection and hope I can join them. Congratulations to you and your family! My wife informed me of the extremely cold weather up in Fairbanks today- whew, too cold!
  10. Good afternoon ladies and gents, I'm wishing everyone all the best as we anxiously wait for any communication from MEDEX after yesterday's interviews. It'll be nice to keep up with folks as seats in Anchorage Class 9 are offered. I've been trying to keep busy: went off-road in the jeep with my eldest daughter to find our Christmas tree. First year doing it and probably the beginning of a Sadley family tradition. Again, best wishes! Sincerely, Joseph Sadley
  11. No, first time interviewing. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks everyone and good luck! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I got it too Tracy. Hope to see you again next year. It'll be my third time applying also. I'm in it for the long haul, I'll keep trying until I get in or they tell me to stop lol. Never give up! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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