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  1. Thank you. Raw scores 161 verbal, 148 quantitative. My prereq GPA is 3.18. If I don't get admitted this year, I am applying to one NP school (basically to see if I get in and then decide), and will retake my GRE and reapply next cycle
  2. I think including the mistake could be a great thing...it shows that you have the ability to overcome obstacles and that you're motivated. I'd leave it in. It definitely caught my attention...which is great because you don't want it to get lost in a pile of boring essays :) Good luck!
  3. Just the quantitative...my verbal is great and my analytical is OK. What can I say, algebra makes me nervous!
  4. It's in Evanston, a very nice suburb of Chicago, but surrounded by low-access, high-need areas
  5. Anyone else applying for the class of 2015? My other schools all have numerous threads for next year's incoming class but Idaho has none so far! Hope to see some others from these forums applying...we can all twiddle our thumbs and bite our nails together!
  6. Oh, it's in there too wutthechris, but I thought perhaps some input from current students would be useful.
  7. My CASPA calculated GPA is 3.07, my science GPA is 2.92. My GRE is 86% below verbal, 35% below quantitative, and 4.0 analytical. I have over 10,000 hours of experience as a CNA and RN, a great personal statement, and 3 excellent LORs (one from a PA, an RN manager, and a DO). In your opinion, will my poor GPA and GRE quantitative score disqualify me?
  8. so i bombed the GRE quantitative. 35% below, 4.0 for analytical and 86% below for verbal. 3.07 GPA, over 10,000 hours of experience. am i totally screwed because my GPA is not spectacular and my quantitative GRE is not so great? all of my schools state 50% below to be competitive...but have no minimum requirement for the GRE. all have a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  9. my sGPA? I feel foolish, I don't even know what that is! My HCE is pretty solid...about 5,000 hours as a CNA in a nursing home and an intensive care unit, and about 5,000 as a registered nurse in a nursing home and an ambulatory care clinic. None of my schools have a minimum for the GRE, but they suggest 50th percentile for both verbal and quantitative. They don't specify which requirements they place more emphasis on
  10. I am applying to four PA programs. My GRE scores are 86th percentile Verbal, 35th percentile quantitative, and 4.0 analytical. What can I say, I'm a nervous test taker. My CASPA calculated GPA is 3.07 overall, though in my nursing degree my GPA was 3.2 (these classes were taken more recently than my first undergrad degree). I have three excellent references, a killer personal statement, and over 10,000 hours of experience. Do you think I still have a chance of admission, even though my GRE quantitative score and GPA are not spectacular?
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