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  1. well i can def tell you my stats are not good compared to most applicants however i do have a masters so i'm sure that is what helped balance out my lower undergraduate gpa..so i can tell you from the bat that they want to know what kind of person you are (if you have empathy and what not) and if you're meant to be in the PA field. They conducted a discussion session then individual interviews with each of us which entailed why we wanted to be a PA and all the generic questions that you should be prepared for any PA interview. I thought the school provided an awesome atmosphere and was highly professional. They all seem like very friendly individuals that are there to help. Overall it was a great experience and I'm ready the challenge! :=D:
  2. Hi, I have an interview set up with Keiser next week. I was wondering if you "sybilleb" could give me some words of wisdom on what they asked you about and how the interview went? Thank You!
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