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  1. Thank you for all of the Replies. And I don't think there ismore flexibility under voc rehab, at least not in my case. I think I am goingto set up a packet of information displaying employment opportunities, jobgrowth and potential income numbers (all the stuff they like to see). Iunderstand that if they do approve my plan than they would also have to provideme with waivers to increase the length of my benefits. I have used 12 months ofmy 48 and I should have 4-6 months left after my BSN. Again thank you for the information, I just need to buck upand approach him.
  2. I didn't proof read my post so I will re-iterate what I mean. I am using chpater 31 benefits to persue a BSN. However, with chapter 31 benefits I am only afforded 48 months of education. My plan also has to get approved by the VA. I have read that in certain cases Veterans have been approved their Masters and Bachelors, meaning they go over the 48 month cap with waivers. My questions is : How should I approach my Vet Counselor and ask him to change my plan to PA. I was working as a Cna but I quit inorder to make A's in my current classes so I will have little to no HCE. I live in Idaho and The
  3. Hello, everyone. I have posted here before asking about schools. I am nowasking about Chapter 31 benefits and how I can get my plan changed from a BSNto PA. I am I apply to the BSN program next semester and I was given the goahead from my counselor to go ahead and take PA pre-req's to Medex and IdahoState's programs. I would like to get my plan changed From BSN to Pa. I amworried about pissing off my VA rep if I approach him unprepared. I casually mentionedmy interest to him and he said(like I mentioned above) that he will cover thethe prereqs until I complete the nursing program nut that
  4. You are right about Chapter 31... However, I made the mistake of telling my VA counselor that I wanted a BSN. So now he is only going to let me get my BSN. So PA school will be out of pocket (which is ok). I am interested tho... Have you used chap 31 benefits for PA? if so how did you convince your counselor? And thank you everyone for the replies. I sure feel old...everyone in school has just graduated H/S.
  5. I am a student currently working towards my Nursing degree (BSN). I am five classes away from applying to the program and I have an overall GPA of 3.5. I am an older person, I will be 24 on the 24th. I have spent the last month deciding between PA and DON and I keep reverting back to this website. I am currently working as a CNA at an LTC facility to not only support my wife and daughter but to also fullfill HCE time that many schools require. I have my "reasons" for choosing this profession. I am a disabled Vet and they (the military) is paying for my college under chapter 31 benefits. I
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