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  1. Thank you everyone. I ended up accepting a position with Kaiser Permanente with excellent pay and benefits for a 35h work week. The bigger health care systems will pay you so much more compared to these small private clinics (ab ~50k difference in base salary?)
  2. Hello, I'm a hospitalist PA with current practice in MN but I am moving to CA (Sacramento area) to be with my sig other. I was offered a position at a cardiology clinic in town and they have never hired a PA or NP before. Can anyone tell me what is the average annual salary for a PA in CA? Thank you
  3. I'm a recent graduate of the Augsburg PA program. Just want to say that it is a GREAT program, very challenging, but you will be well prepared for your clinical rotations, for the PANCE, and for your first job. We just found out that our class (class of 2015) has a 100% PANCE pass rate, and over 3/4 of the class secure a job in their selected field even before graduation. I don't know much about other programs, but really you can't go wrong with Augsburg. Good luck!!!! The journey is well worth it.
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