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  1. SunTrust has them, but there is always a catch, the interest rate is significantly higher to make up for the credits they give you such as lower down payments and waived PMI.
  2. Our hospitalist service, at a small hospital has had 1 tendon rupture in the last year. We try to minimize the use of levaquin, besides in our area resistance to it is pretty high, especially when compared to cephalosporins.
  3. Sounds like a kickback to me.... APCs should either be employed by a physician or have the same direct employer as the physician. An APC employed by a hospital, cannot perform a service, and subsequently bill it under a physician who is not employed by the hospital. If an APC performs a service and bills for it, payment is made to the APCs employer. From what that article suggests, physicians who are not directly employed by the hospital are billing for services which they did not perform but were performed by an APC employed by the hospital. In other words it appears that the physicians here are billing for services (closures and post op notes) that they received for no cost but at the expense of the hospital. The solution to this is that the APCs need to have the same employer as the physicians.
  4. I volunteer at a free clinic twice a month, I love it. The patients are very appreciative of the care we are provide. Our clinic is sponsored by the local rotary club, which is able to pay for all the medications a patient may need, and has the ability to refer for specialty care. Through a contract at a local hospital, we can order any labs or diagnostic scans we may need free of charge. Its a very rewarding experience and for me a nice break from hospital medicine.
  5. At my program, if the clinical site is over 50 miles from campus, the school provides and pays for student housing and also reimburses your gas money.
  6. I would like to be added as well. Thanks, Daryl dht88169@gmail.com
  7. I worked in radiology as well before PA school as an MRI Technologist. My 3 letters of recommendation were from a radiologist, a department administrator, and a CRNA that also worked in the department. Some schools make you have an academic professor from your school work, I just didn't apply to any of those as I had been out of school for a while.
  8. I attend a 24 month program. If I was going to go to a 36 month program, I would seriously reconsider medical school. You also have to take into account nearly 1 year of lost wages and remember that there is nothing stopping you from continuing to study just as hard on the job as you did in school and rotations.
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