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  1. Hey everyone, Just courious what your PA program's min GPA while in PA school is. The min at my school is 3.0. I had a 3.95 undergrad, but I just finished my first set of tests and I tell you some of the classes are kicking my butt. We are allowed to have one "c" we have to maintain a 3.0 or remidiate. Good times. You wouldn't think a 3.0 would be hard.... But its not easy either!! I know of several schools that just require a 2.0 min GPA. I was wondering if the 3.0 was standard while in school, or if my program is setting its standards high.
  2. I haven't but that would be a good idea too.
  3. Thanks... So it ranges and is still slim pickings huh?!? I guess all we can do stay positive and be persistent. =D
  4. My school with Northern AZ University does cadaver dissections too. We are paired up with University of AZ med school and the PA's do full dissections for the majority of the 1st semester.
  5. I am attending the NAU program. I am in their first class. I chose NAU over ATSU even though I was accepted to both. I couldn't be happier. =)
  6. I am just wondering how hard it is to get into PA residency programs, specifically Derm or EM. I hear 3% of graduates get admitted, but how many apply post PA to each program? There are far more EM residencies than Derm so are EM residencies are easier to get into than Derm?? I am very interested in Derm so that would be my preference. I am in my first year of PA school and would like to prepare for a residency in the future. I just want to make my self marketable. Any suggestions?
  7. Hi Everyone, I have been reading the forum for a while and haven't found a clear cut answer regarding the best way to get into derm. I have just started as a 1st year PA student. I plan to do my elective rotations in Derm if I can find the sites. I have looked into doing a fellowships/residencies after I graduate. I am wondering what is the best thing I can do to help enter this field upon graduating. Is the fellowship worth it? If so are PA's chosen for the fellowships based on their PA school transcripts. What is the likely hood of getting a job in derm without doing a fellowship? I live in AZ. I don't mind doing a fellowship, however I just want to know the best way to get into the dermatology field. Thank you :wink:
  8. Standard Format: Undergrad Ed School: Arizona State University (Biological Science B.S.) Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.98 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.83 Graduate Ed School: (if applicable) Cumulative Graduate GPA: (if applicable) Science Graduate GPA: (if applicable) Age at application time : 28 1st GRE: (Former GRE) 1000 2nd GRE: (if applicable) Direct Patient Care : (type & hours) Dental assistant (7 years), 60hr PA Shadowing Extracurricular/Research Activities: Lots of community volunteering, NO research Schools Applied: A.T. Still University, Northern Arizona University Application Submitted Date: (ATSU) CASPA- April 21st; December 10th (applied to NAU) Schools Received Application Date: (approximate date) June 1st; December 10th Interview Invites: 2 Denied:0 Withdrew Application: 0 Waitlisted:0 Accepted: 2 Chose: Northern AZ University
  9. If your program is accreditated even just provissionally your are covered. Worst case senerio your school would have to find you placement in another PA program. You will be fine. No worries
  10. I think a fellowship is a great idea. I start my PA program next week. I know that when I graduate I will still only know an incredibly small fraction of the information that is required to be a good PA. I think it is naive to think that after 2 years anyone can be prepared enough to work in high end specialties on their own. With that being said however, I think it is possible to get a job in the specialty you desire without doing a fellowship. However you will be learning through trial and error on your patients. I feel more comfortable trying to do a fellowship so that I can be better prepared and have more knowledge for my patients.
  11. As an update...WICHE is no longer available in AZ we have a new state PA program here. Northern AZ University =)
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