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  1. Thanks again guys. As I said before the school I plan on applying to didn't state if I could take online labs or not. I am merely wondering if it was ok at schools you guys have applied to that didn't state. Many of you were very helpful. I know the biggest part about being a PA will come from the core curriculum and then the experiences you learn over a lifetime in the practice. In the military I know plenty of MDs who consult PAs who have been in practice for many years and many who became a PA when it was a small program in the 70s-80s. Most of these guys did not have to take these pre-rec classes since their military experience as an IDC(Independent Duty Corpsman). I guess it just floored me to think some people believe if you take online pre-rec classes it could possibly make you a "crappy" PA/MD. Honestly if you pass the program than you have earned your stripes regardless of how you took your pre-recs. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks everybody for the replies. I never said I wasn't going to honest, but I noticed some PA schools don't list if they take online courses or not. My plan was to submit, and if the question doesn't come up, than there would be no reason to say anything. RHC, I am also in the military and have done plenty of labs and real life situations in combat when it comes to working with medicine. I took 2 online labs in chemistry and didn't think it would be a big deal to become a PA with online labs. It appears some people believe an online chemistry class would create terrible doctors. Last I recalled sick call didn't require any chemistry other than taking samples to the lab and letting them tell you the results. That just me though. Thanks for serving brother. Last question, has anyone been asked by schools that doesn't clearly state on their website if any of your pre reqs were taken online?
  3. Thank you to the last two replies. I figured someone would give me an answer other than be honest, I have taken a few class in person, but two classes I didn't, I kind of figured Pre reqs don't make a good pa, it is the core pa curriculum that does.
  4. I'm interested in applying to PA school at Southeastern. I know they except online prerequisites, but they require all labs are done in person. My question is how will they know if you did it online or not if the transcript doesn't state it. I know some some people would say because the school was in a different place than you live, but I know plenty of community colleges by me who give online labs. If anyone knows the answer or has been through a similiar process let me know. I'm just avoiding taking classes that I have already previously completed.
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