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  1. received an interview invite this morning! :D so excited and nervous at the same time! God is good! Good luck to us all!
  2. Congrats to everyone who got an invite! For those of you who got an interview invitation, do you mind sharing your stats? Thanks!
  3. Yes! Good luck to us all! I'll be checking my email constantly!
  4. Congrats to those who got accepted as well! :) And @sm2091 is right- questions are pretty straight forward and it consisted of a panel and group interview. General questions- why you want to become a PA? Why UMES?...also, there's a facility tour with current students. Just be yourself on the interview. Good luck!!!
  5. Hello everyone! Just checking in. I applied for this cycle as well! Good luck to all of us!!! :)
  6. received an offer for admissions! anyone have any updates?
  7. Does anyone know if they're still holding interviews?
  8. Got an interview for March 2nd! Anyone else going?
  9. Yes definitely! Congrats on your invite! when is your interview? keeping my fingers crossed! hope to hear from them soon!
  10. Have you contacted them and asked if they've received it yet? I haven't yet but I'm thinking about giving them a call or something... >.<
  11. How long did it take them to confirm that they had your application? I submitted mine in August and still haven't received a confirmation email yet... :/
  12. Wesr_gordon what are ur stats and when did u apply? If you don't mind sharing..
  13. Thank you! Crossing my fingers now and hoping I hear from them soon! >.<
  14. Hi do you mind sharing when the last interview date was for last year? Anyone know the scheduled interview dates this cycle?
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