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  1. Thank you Tonev. It is my original and still my plan to wait for next year's deadline. By then I should have: 1. taken ALL pre-reqs (I currently have a 3.9cGPA and 3.9sGPA both from undergrad and grad school) and will work hard to get A's in Anatomy and Phys 2. re-take GRE (since mine is about 7 yrs old). And hope to do as well, last time I got a 760 on the math/quantitative and the rest were also high just not quite like my math. How important is the GRE score?! 3. 100 HCE hours (hopefully half shadowing and half as an MA) --they said do not apply unless you have at least 80. The
  2. I should add the program I am applying to starts in the summer with a Nov application deadline. It is a 27 month program. My plan is to get 200 hce by the time I apply and then maybe work as an MA in th meantime. I am lucky in that my husband will be a great help for finding me friends I can shadow and places I can work temporarily as an MA.
  3. I have another post that had more details in it. So I don't want to write it again, if you dont mind. Can I apply without anatomy and Physiology? I had the impression that I need to be close done to finishing up requirements by application. Due to location, I am only applying to one program and according to their website requires 100 hce which they say volunteering and shadowing counts. I plan on meeting with the program this year so they know I am interested and can get more information about the prereqs. Regarding the unsureness, I am sure I just don't think they would understand. Why wo
  4. I have a few months left for my Phd, then I am taking 1 yr to get a few pre-reqs (thankfully I am in a basic science background just not human), and will try for next year's deadline. So that would be a potential 2014 start.
  5. How did you break the news to people at work? Everyone is expecting me to apply for faculty jobs and have not the slightest idea that I am about to start preparing to get into PA school as soon as I get my PhD. As weird and crazy as all this sounds to a lot of people, I am equally excited and nervous! Right now only my dad, husband and PAs at his current work know (since I will be shadowing for them). We agreed not to tell anyone else until I get accepted (just in case I don't). Thankfully we will be moving 18 hrs away right around graduation so at least I won't have to be physically around my
  6. Thank you! I should be done with the Phd by Dec. I would have quit but I realize maybe that will be a negative when the program finds out. I am a little worried because geographically I have ONE program I can apply to, and even that is 1 hr away :( I can manage, I already am driving 1 hr each way to the university (and I hate what I do!). We may get a studio close by for when I get too tired to drive home. So I really wanted to make sure I get my stuff in a very competitive level to make sure I get in the first time. I will get in touch with the program and try to make it to one of their "open
  7. I am considering taking a major career change. I am about to have a Phd in plant biology. Over the last 3 years I have grown to HATE research. I love science and I enjoy learning but I felt like what I was doing was not important anymore (even I can't really tell you how what I have discovered can help humanity! I get papers out of it! yay! <sarcasm>) But I felt like I was stuck and had nowhere else to go, and friends and family helped me "hang on". Even though my husband was supportive of me quitting back then--I was stubborn and refused to look like a failure!! So here I am, possibly m
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