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  1. I really liked it. You get an overview of the program first, then you get divided into groups. So some people will interview first, others will speak to a student panel...at the end you get an awesome lunch and that's it. Entire process took about 4 hours I believe.
  2. Yes, they sent me an email saying that they received the payment. What worries me a little bit is that they said it's just now under review...I thought they would have started reviewing it once I did my caspa application.
  3. I've been to their info session a year ago. I really liked Alhambra.
  4. Hey there! USC is the top choice for many southern Cali pre-PA's for obvious reasons. I submitted my caspa app a few weeks ago, and my supplemental fee was received a fee days ago. How are you guys doing on the application process?
  5. hello there, I cannot get a hold of any caspa rep all morning long and thought I'd ask you guys, so a few questions. 1. Where should my calculated GPA appear? It is only on the program status page where my application that is sent to the programs appears? 2. CNA and phlebotomy transcripts....I thought having these listed under the certificates/professional license section would be sufficient, do I need to send transcripts from these places too? 3. I think there might be a glitch, but I cannot pay for my programs. Here is what happened: I initially entered 4 evaluations requests. 3 of
  6. Hey there. Something tells me that you CAN handle PA school. But you need to take control of your family life. Right now, with grades like that, you're not gonna get into PA school, or you might get into 1 program out of many. It seems to me that your personal life is affecting you. I suggest that you live on your own, if you can. Or retake all of those classes without working. It's hard for me to judge you because I don't know how often your personal life gets in the way, but I'm assuming the notion of arranged marriage will really affects you. Let us know of your decision. Best of l
  7. Hi there. First off, you have an amazing experience and thank you for your service it means a lot. I have worked with national guard folks, and you guys are just awesome. I sometimes felt that your essay dragged on a bit. You can easily shorten the parts where you talk about being lost. I really enjoyed your last paragraph. I think it did a great summary of who you are.
  8. Thank you Timon. I have an additional question. Let's assume I am not a PA, RN, or LVN and only a CNA and home health aide provider (in CA)...and my patient did not take his/her insulin and now has very high blood sugar level. This is obviously concerns me, so would I be in the wrong if I gave my patient the insulin shot? In what scenario would it be okay for me to administer a shot- only in emergency situations?
  9. I wish I had taken anatomy before any other class. I learned how to learn in anatomy. Repetition is the key to retention, but so is quizzing yourself. Lectures were boring to me. Anyone can point to one part of the body and say it's name. I still attended lectures, nonetheless. The best thing to do is to find a study buddy. Make some friends. Then study on your own. And finally, have your friends TEST you on the material.
  10. Hello folks, I know phlebotomists can draw blood, and give the ppd shot. I've been reading online and wanted to see if you guys would know whether or not phlebotomists can give injections like insulin shots? Thank you
  11. Some of the PA's on this forum are alpha...so I'm not sure where you got the "beta, not alpha" idea. I know what you mean, sort of, but at the end of the day, even the MD's are gonna be working for someone.
  12. hey everyone, So i was granted the fee assistance, and I understand that I need to esubmit in time to get the assistance. My problem is that some schools require several documents and questions that need to be answered....I don't want to rush through all of these questions, give sub-par answers, and so forth. Should I remove some programs now, and just add them later after I esubmit?
  13. Sure there are repayment options, but still sometimes it just ins't feasible for some people.
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