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  1. Hi to all of those who have been accepted into the class of 2017! I started a Facebook group so we can all talk about financial aid, books, housing, etc.! Here is the link...if it doesn't work for some reason let me know! https://m.facebook.com/groups/807283079288913?ref=bookmark&__user=858835555
  2. Do most people who have been accepted have a Facebook? Does someone want to message me their email address so we can start a fb group to talk about everything before we start this June?!
  3. I got my decision today and I was wait listed. Does anyone know how many people are usually admitted off the wait list?
  4. Oops somehow missed previous posts!! Sorry :)
  5. Did they mention how many spots they had left?
  6. I interviewed on September 27th and haven't heard back yet
  7. FYI- if you scroll all the way down the page of Physician Assistant Schools under the custom section, there is a whole thread for EMU's new program!
  8. Congrats!!!! When did you hear about the interview and how did they contact you?
  9. Is anyone else applying this cycle? Thought I would start a thread and see if anyone has gotten an interview offer yet!
  10. My CASPA was verified on July 19th, I sent in my supplemental on August 20th, and interview invitation was sent out August 26th
  11. I just received an email to interview on September 13th!! My CASPA was mailed on July 19th and I got the verification that Rush received it on July 31st. Received my invite today at 4pm!
  12. Just received my invitation to interview! I will be there on Sept 27th!!
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