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    Post-DHSc Follow-up

    This is probably my greatest concern about spending the time and effort on the Nova program...ending up on the opposite side without a way to properly use the degree. Of course, that's still a potential concern with EVMS, or any other DHSc program for that matter. I have yet to hear anyone say that it's led to something different in their full time career upon graduation. Are you happy you did it, Dizzy? Would you do it over again (barring any possibility of a DMSc degree)? As far as the DMSc degree goes, the Lynchburg program seems a little soft to me. It offers a doctorate in one year, while working full time, and seems to only vaguely describe a set of generic desired student outcomes. It also isn't an accredited program yet as far as I can tell. E...you seem to have a vested interest, do you feel this is better than the EVMS curriculum? I understand that the goals are different, and that DMSc is more of a "clinical" degree, but when I think of a DNP equivalent for PA, this seems like it would be it. What about LC vs a residency program? With a residency, you obviously don't get the title afterward, but the gained education and practical clinical experience are substantial (My comparison is based on the Yale/Norwalk surgery program, of which I am a graduate). All of this to say that I'm very interested in obtaining a doctorate, but I want to make sure I'm getting the most bang for my buck, both with regard to educational value and monetarily.
  2. NoVA PA

    Post-DHSc Follow-up

    They do describe a "Capstone Course" as being part of the curriculum at EVMS, but I don't know the specifics of what that entails. Hey, E. Can you elaborate a little more on what you mean by "fluffy" and "like a DNP program" with regard to EVMS? I do like that the Nova program has electives and various pathways you can follow, but it seems like it might take substantially longer to finish, based on your blog. Wish I had known about the Harvard program earlier. I would have absolutely applied...
  3. Anyone else receive this message from the NCCPA this morning? Seems like a vaguely worded attempt to undo some of the bad PR NCCPA has garnered lately. What does everyone else think? "Dear Colleague: We are writing to update you on two important outcomes of recent NCCPA Board of Directors deliberations about: The future of PANRE and NCCPA legislative activities. Regarding PANRE At its meeting this weekend, the NCCPA Board of Directors acknowledged that in the context of maintaining high standards of knowledge and skills, which are the hallmarks of the PA profession, technological advances afford us the opportunity to develop new approaches to ensuring we all remain current throughout our careers. Thus, in addition to work already underway to narrow the content of PANRE to core medical knowledge essential for practice across all disciplines, today we announce that NCCPA is committed to piloting alternatives to its current high-stakes recertification exam requirement by 2020. We do not yet have details about the alternatives and will share more information as soon as we are able. Regarding Legislative Activities The Board acknowledges the value of working with AAPA and its constituent organizations to advance modernization of PA practice laws and regulations. Also, in keeping with its duty to the public, NCCPA will continue to monitor the legislative and regulatory landscape to protect public interest and the credibility of the PA-C credential by ensuring certification and recertification requirements are maintained. There have been many recent communications from other PA leaders that have mischaracterized the actions of the NCCPA. For more information regarding NCCPA’s legislative efforts, please click here. Mary L. Warner, MMSc, PA-C NCCPA Board Chair Dawn Morton-Rias, Ed. D., PA-C NCCPA President/CEO"
  4. NoVA PA

    Post-DHSc Follow-up

    On second thought...editing my previous post for privacy's sake. The LC website has some good information on it, and I'm fairly certain there are a few threads about it floating around here somewhere. Curious to see if they end up getting their accreditation though. Seems from the website that it's still up in the air. "The doctoral program offering is contingent upon the approval of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)." At any rate...I'd like to get back on topic a bit here. Anyone else out there who has completed a doctorate?
  5. NoVA PA

    Post-DHSc Follow-up

    I'm more interested in seeing where the people who have already finished a doctorate program have ended up. That said, I'm sure I'll look over the Lynchburg page as well now, so thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  6. NoVA PA

    Post-DHSc Follow-up

    I've actually read through that thread several times, and it's been an IMMENSE help in trying to decide whether one of these programs is for me or not. It's also been fairly intimidating with regard to the work load and time commitment for someone who will continue to practice medicine full time. Haha. Impressive list of recent accolades! So it seems to me that you've used the degree to advance yourself in some outside endeavors, with the plan of eventually making those things your career. Is that fair to say? Do you think you'll end up teaching full time, or doing something in global health/policy? Have you received any offers for full time work yet? If so, how did they measure up? I've applied, and been accepted to the new EVMS program, and am debating whether to send an application to NSU as well. I'm looking forward to starting a new chapter on my career, but some of the nay sayers out there are telling me that I'm wasting time getting a doctorate if my ultimate goal is to increase my earning potential in a field outside of direct patient care. Any thoughts on this? I'm not sure EXACTLY where my interests lie just yet, although I have always envisioned myself teaching as I get older.
  7. Those of you who have completed a doctorate program such as the ones offered by Nova Southeastern or ATSU... What are you doing now? Are you still practicing clinically? Have you gone into academia? Administration? Are you working for the government or an NGO? How are your new paychecks? What do you enjoy about your new career that you wouldn't have otherwise been able to achieve? Realizing that, as much as I love the OR, I won't be able to operate forever, I'm considering a couple of these programs in hopes of increasing my earnings potential and opening up a few different paths for the future. Your thoughts?

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