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  1. I don't think this 'quote' applies just to midlevels, but also interns, residents, etc. No one knows everything. I interpret it as meaning how can you diagnose a constellation of symptoms as x disease if you didn't know that disease existed (just one example). When I was in PA school, we had a professor that would say you need to learn to be consciously incompetent. It's fairly easy to recognize when you are in way over your head, but for those more subtle times I always wondered how you could be conscious of something you weren't aware you were incompetent in, similar to the saying 'you don't
  2. I wouldn't tell the people that are attending or considering a bridge program that they must have made the wrong career choice. As we grow in our personal and professional life our goals may simply change and evolve. What we may have wanted as a young 20 y/o may not be what we want as a 30+ y/o. As someone that is changing career paths after working as PA I absolutely do not regret becoming a PA. It was not wasted time. I loved what I did, just wanted to alter the direction I was heading.
  3. I was awarded the NHSC scholarship for PA school, served my 2 years in a rural area, then went back to medical school (currently finishing first year). I feel very fortunate that I was awarded the scholarship again for medical school. It's a different process than the loan repayment program. If anyone has questions I could at least tell you about my experience, and it has been a good one.
  4. My PA school was fairly new. We had a RN, MSN as a full time faculty member, also served as course director and primary instructor for one class and was a lecturer and course assistant in various others.
  5. I am also preparing to end my first position as a PA. Silly question, but should notice of resignation be given in writing or is verbal sufficient?
  6. Thanks for the replies! I will take a look at that article Hemegroup.
  7. New 80 y/o pt comes in with horrible degenerative joint disease of hands with CKD stage 3 AND a h/o of gastric ulcer. Takes aleve twice daily. I take pt off of it because of those reasons. Ultram makes him confused, hallucinates with hydrocodone, tylenol doesn't help pain and inflammation at all. I think I'm out of options!! Advice anyone? Thanks!
  8. Thanks so much for the suggestions! Well worded and a good way to approach this topic with my SP. It's nice to hear feedback from others and know I'm not alone!
  9. Hey all, really looking to hear if my feelings are typical for a new grad or I really am just that unprepared. New grad with first job in rural family practice. Been here for about 2 months now with pt load really picking up. SP in practice site but he is busy and really not too welcoming. I feel unprepared and sometimes not trained well enough to take care of come of the elderly patients with a million different chronic problems going on. I'm very uncomfortable and constantly worrying if I did the right thing. I look up everything I can and ask questions when I'm really doubtful but feel
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