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  1. I was placed on hold, as well as another person I know. I know 1 person that actually got accepted.
  2. I interviewed September 28th and got called on Monday. I am very excited. Congratulations to everyone who got in!
  3. I just got an interview invite as well. I will be there September 27 and 28. Good Luck!
  4. Age: 28 GPA: 3.7 Science GPA: 3.51 HCE: 4000 hours (About 2000 of this is recent, just before entering health care again I taught High School Chemistry for 4 years) Volunteer Hours: 300 GRE: Verbal 450, Quantitative: 650
  5. I also received my invite on July 26, but my CASPA was completed in early July. Did you receive the supplemental application mbagget?
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