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  1. OK so I finally figured it out here is the link for the Wichita State PA class of 2015 facebook page. you can either search "Wichita State PA class of 2015" or use this link, http://www.facebook.com/groups/457258830995409/. I am looking forward to meeting everyone.
  2. My name is Karl I am coming from Utah and I interviewed on the 10th as well at 12:30. I will start a face book page and post it here tomorrow so we can stay in touch.
  3. Congrats everyone, I also have been accepted and am excited for June.
  4. I called today they said that they start interviewing in January and will most likely continue through the summer, I guess you find out based on when you submitted your application. If you submitted early you should hear sooner then someone who applied later. they start class in November 2013.
  5. I also received my invite today.
  6. I was wondering if anyone has heard about interviews yet?
  7. So I was placed on the wiatlist I am hoping in the long run that is a good thing, because I loved the program and hope to be going there next year. the Social was awesome and really helped solidify my desire to attend UNE.
  8. I know of two people still waiting as we'll
  9. they e-mailed me and said mid to late November they will start notifying people.
  10. I received an interview for oct. 20th as well
  11. When do you interview at Salus I will be there on Sept. 18th.
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