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  1. Living on campus in one of their apartments, rent is $520 a month. That's good pricing for a 1br apartment in Nashville, however, there are often houses with multiple rooms that break down to a much lower rent cost. And if you would like a pet or already have one, I don't think they allow them. I am looking to live in an apartment elsewhere. The ones at Bransford House are $675 for a 1br and Twin Oaks for ~$800 (a bit pricier than the apartments at Trevecca). Also, I've already made a Facebook page, so if you are going to Trevecca, join it!! :) http://www.facebook.com/groups/1318910769653
  2. Hey, ljgiblin! I live in Nashville, and some of my favorite places to eat are The Pharmacy (burger parlor and beer garten), Athens Family Restaurant (greek-type food), El Palenque (mexican), The Cheesecake Factory (pretty much everything), Mas tacos por favor (tacos), The Smiling Elephant (thai-BEST pad thai ever), Burger Up, and Edley's BBQ. If you need anymore food ideas, let me know! As for things to do: The Belcourt is a non-profit theater that shows different movies from mainstream theaters. It's really old, and super good! Their movie tickets and concessions are cheaper as well. How
  3. Jnjordan, If you really want to go to PA school, don't give up! A year really isn't that long of a wait--that's actually becoming sort of the norm for people applying to graduate school (especially for med and PA school). When I was at my interview, only one of the students that I talked to had gone directly into PA school. From what I gathered at my interview, they like you to either be solid in academics, or in patient care experience. Mine was academics--I only have about 300 hours total from various things (volunteering, shadowing, and a medical mission trip). You have a solid GPA! How
  4. They would let you know if you didn't get in. From our round of interviews in October, they said that if we didn't hear anything, that meant we were put on the waiting list. I interviewed on Thursday, October 25 and they called me the next Wednesday. I don't know when they were meeting to decide for you guys, though! Best of luck!! :)
  5. Hey, Kaetlyn92! I applied to Trevecca this fall and got in, and I'll be graduating in May. By the sound of your application so far, I don't think you'll have any problem. I had a 311 GRE, 3.94 GPA. I had shadowed a few physicians, one PA, and I volunteered at the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge. The only clinical experience I had was from a mission trip in Guatemala (they love it if you're interested in missions!). So all of that to say, I think you'll be fine :).
  6. I made a Facebook group! Join it :) http://www.facebook.com/groups/131891076965383/ It's public because I didn't know if people would be able to view it otherwise.
  7. I got an email today saying that they've already filled all of their spots for this application cycle.
  8. They will have two more interview sections--one in November and one in January.
  9. The whole process was super relaxed. Orientation is at 12:30 each day, with interviews spanning from 8:30-5:30. The interviews are done by a panel made up of two people, and only last about twenty minutes (if that). Also, they are doing a trial run of this health care/critical thinking test...it was 33 questions, and just made you think about certain scenarios in healthcare. Not bad at all! They are so super nice, and students will also be there on interview days--giving tours, talking about their experiences, etc. Does anyone know what day they meet this week to decide??
  10. I also still haven't heard anything! I hate the waiting game. The last thing I heard was that they had my CASPA and would be in touch after they received my GRE scores (which I sent at the beginning of August) and reviewed my application
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