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  1. Hi Shelly, Did you recently receive an interview? I'm still eager to hear back from them!
  2. I sat in on a class and talked with a couple of the students- they seemed to like it a lot! Although didn't get into much detail as I only talked to them briefly before the class started.
  3. Congrats!!! I submitted mine a week after you, so hopefully I hear soon, too!
  4. Ahh wonderful! I'm gonna be watching more closely now! So will you be taking the interview and traveling from Texas??!
  5. Congrats! When did you get your email?
  6. A friend of mine got her interview email time stamped early this (Saturday) morning!
  7. Oct 11! I keep checking my email every hour!
  8. Any news for anyone else?! Still hopeful!
  9. Shri, the supplemental is optional and is not advertised on their website. You can submit a supplemental essay to the school directly of "why do you want to attend Chatham?" to add on to your application. Totally optional!
  10. Ahhh I know of their Oct 11 date- I hope I get an email soon!
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