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  1. That's great garyjames. I talked to miss Hammon's yesterday and she said they were still busy interviewing. Good luck to you. Just be honest and be yourself. The interview is pretty relaxed. Meet with current PA students as a group first then 3 solo interviews with a different pa each time.
  2. @garyjames84 you seem to be a good candidate for the program compared to my credentials but the difference is I submitted my app by may 1st. I had already had an interview invite before you had submitted and they gave me the option for an interview as late at sept. 27th. I interviewed on the 13th. I have no idea whether they are still interviewing but as I did say, they were scheduling interviews out a month or more in advance. With the program beginning in January it is getting close. Best of luck my friend.
  3. kbbogard, you interviewed on the 13th right? Which interviewee were you? I don't remember names. Which side of the table were you on when we interviewed with the PA students. I was the only male there. Were you the girl sitting next to me or one of the two sitting across?
  4. I just received my acceptance letter for the class of 2016. I am stoked! I was stressing so bad because I interviewed on the 13th and did not receive a phone call. I went to the mail box and saw the letter from Bethel and thought for sure it was bad news. My letter was drafted 3 days after my interview and I just got it today. Cant wait to meet all of you when school starts!
  5. I applied to the program for starting in 2014 and havent heard back yet. From past posts it seems they interview pretty late in the year so Im not too worried. Has anyone heard back from them yet?
  6. I interviewed this last Tuesday. They said I interviwed well so hopefully thats a good sign. I should hear back next week. The anticipation is too much!
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