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  1. I was speaking from experience based on the three NICUs I've had the opportunity to work in. I guess maybe I generalized it more than I should have.
  2. Thank you! I was aware of this program and have looked into it. The fact that there is a program out there like this gives me hope that there's a need for NICU PA's or else it wouldn't even me an option!
  3. I want to make it very, very clear. My issue with PA vs NP in the NICU is NOT about 'letters behind the name'. It's NOT about being in charge. I've never been in charge as an RD...I thought I made that clear. I just said, in my position, in the NICU, I have semi-autonomy. I'm not in charge because I run everything I do by the MDs and NNPs, it just so happens that they typically take my recommendations. And, to me, going back to be an RN, I would lose that autonomy b/c in the NICU (which I'm in that environment every day), the RNs are simply taking orders. They may add an 'oh, he's not feeding
  4. First, thank you all for your opinions. I just want to reiterate that I meant no disrespect to nurses in general, much less NICU nurses. They do a phenomenal job and are often looked to by the providers to add input on things that PAs/NPs/MDs simply can not know. BrittclemRD, I completely agree with you. Part of my issue is the nursing model...I much prefer the medical model. I've looked into direct entry MSN programs and they don't seem well respected nor do they seem to provide the education that I'm seeking. Another issue is being an RN for 2+ years before becoming eligible to go to NNP s
  5. Hi all, A little backstory...I'm an RD and I'm currently obtaining my MHS in Human Nutrition. I'm working in the neonatal ICU right now and I'm planning to stay there while I complete my pre-reqs over the next couple of years. I've been set on applying to PA school after I complete my pre-reqs and eventually getting into a neonatal ICU or maybe even a PICU or general inpatient peds unit. However, so many others have told me that it's next to impossible to do NICU as a PA. I know there are some units that have PAs in NICUS (CHOP has a job open now for a NICU PA and there is a post-grad residen
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