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  1. Thanks markthshark89 and beattie228. The nursing program I'm in has classes such as nutrition, and health law and ethics included in there curriculum that I will be taking next semester. So hopefully these classes will help boost my GPA. You guys are the best. I'm so glad I joined this forum. Very helpful and informative.
  2. I've been to a couple of those FAPA meetings and they are very informative. The food was also great. I'm not sure if you have any affiliation with FAMU, but they have a pre-med shadowing program contracted with many healthcare facilities such as Bond Community Health Clinic. I've known for both FSU and FAMU to work together in the past with specific programs, maybe they can help you out with this one. Visit their health center on campus and inquire about the program. Hopefully they can help you.
  3. Thanks Rev. You have been very helpful. But even though I'm retaking these courses I'm worried about how it would look on my transcript. Could it adveresly affect my application as well as strengthen it?
  4. Hello. I am an LPN looking to shadow a Physician Assistant or an MD to fulfill the requirements of my CASPA application for PA school. I am even willing to volunteer if needed. I have eight years of experience in many clinical settings and all of my CEU's are up to date. There are no restrictions on my license. I am currently enrolled in an RN program and I have a bachelor’s degree in biology. I am in desperate need and I need to complete my shadowing prior to March 2013. If you are available, please respond to this posting. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
  5. Thanks guys for all of your help. Rev I have a clean background, a total of 7665 hrs in HCE, all of my prerequisites (however my science GPA is not the best, its a 2.9), no license revocations, or lawsuits. Beattie228 I recently revised my narrative and I'm having an editor look over it as well. My GRE scores are fair. I meet the minimum requirement of the schools I have applied to. I took your advice and called the schools I applied to and many provided me with the reason I was rejected and they all focused on the same problem. MY SCIENCE GPA. YIKES!. Seems they want me to retake organic chem and biochem because I settled for a "C" in these courses (both one and two). I did fail organic chem one the first time and I was happy to make it out with a "C" the following term. I didnt know that these classes would have such a negative impact on my GPA because I have "A"s and "B" s in general chemistry, A&P 1&2, physics, genetics, comparitive anatomy, molecular biology, and vertebrae physiology, in addition to my nursing courses. Looks like I have to retake these courses to even be considered as an applicant. I plan on retaking them this upcoming summer. Just_me I had no idea that out of state, "state schools", had a preference for locals. I often avoid applying for private schools because their usually more expensive. I will apply to more in state schools this time around. Wish me luck because I'm aiming for "A" s in all of them. Again I thanks you all for helping me out. I aspire to be a PA and you guys just gave me a bost of confidence which was must needed in my time of self pity. :)
  6. This is my second time around applying for PA school. I have been rejected by 3 of the 5 PA programs I have applied for already. I decided to go for my RN in the mean time (because it will only take me a year since I'm already an LPN with a bachelors degree in biology) but I'm worried that if my application isn't strong enough for the 2013 cycle , I will be rejected again. I left nursing because I liked the traits of the PA profession, but it's looks like its easier for me to travel along the nursing track than it is for me to go for PA. I'm asking for your help because I'm afraid that if I get rejected again, then I will be forced to pursue the ARNP route. My advisors are even telling me its best for me to go this route because of my experience and background but it's not what I want to do. Please help. Thanks.
  7. Hello. I'm looking to shadow a PA in South Florida. Preferably Palm Beach County/ Fort Lauderdale region. I am willing to go as far as Miami too. Does anyone know of any PA's in these areas that are willing to allow me to do this? Any of your responses will be of great help. Thanks.
  8. Thanks. Hopefully I receive one from elsewhere too.
  9. Did anyone recieve an email for an interview invite that both CASPA and South University stated is an error?
  10. Yes you need to send your transcripts to Barry University Physician Assistant Program, 11300 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami Shores, Florida 33161-6695;
  11. Would anyone like to share some insight on this program? Thanks.
  12. Hello all. I have applied for the class starting in 2013. Can some of you who are on the waitlist please tell me when you applied and when you actually heard back from the program? Thanks.
  13. Thanks for responding promptly. You have given me some encouragement. I will continue to wait and pray for the best.
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