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  1. clballin

    how many shifts in a row is too much?

    My general surgery rotation was roughly the same as most people here....i believe it was 530 to 6 every day and 1 24 hour call shift a week with the next full day off. That whole day off was spent sleeping most of the time though...
  2. clballin

    GI Offer (2nd Job)

    1k in CME seems pretty low to me
  3. clballin

    Rural job offer decision

    Thanks for the response. We’ve been considering that actually. I think I will accept the offer it will just have to take a little faith and will power to get through the moving, IVF etc. She understands it’s a great opportunity but i feel for the fact this will be hard on her. We will do what we can
  4. Hey everyone. I recently came back from a job interview in rural Montana working for a small hospital system walk-in clinic. I’ve worked in urgent care for a year and so the volume at this clinic would be much more forgiving. A friend of mine works as a PA for this walk in clinic and has recruited me for months for this job. I received the offer a few days ago, of which i knew what it was prior to the interview: $130,000 salary $10,000 sign on bonus $20,000 in loan repayment from the hospital but is taxed. If i apply through the state program anything i receive through the state isn’t taxed and this hospital will cover the rest up to $20k. $800 monthly housing stipend for 2 years Monday through Friday working 8 hours with a manageable amount of patients seen especially now with 2 providers. No weekends. There is one Saturday every 6-8 weeks where i would cover 9-noon and will be compensated $500 for it. 26 days PTO $15,000 in relocation reimbursement great people at the hospital and the town. They treated both my wife and myself quite well. Im not struggling at all with being blown away by the offer. Clearly it’s a great opportunity. My wife and I are excited about the offer but the issue we are having is we plan to go through IVF treatment this late summer and fall. She has a great teaching job that covers most of the costs for the treatment. We’ve pushed this off and saved for it for now. She would be devastated starting treatment, selling our house, moving, etc with the potential of not getting pregnant in process. She is also afraid of losing her insurance for future fertility treatments if we move and take this position (they agreed to let me come on in January 2019 btw). I suppose I’m just looking see what are some of your opinions are on this. I understand for me that i can’t wait on what if’s with fertility for something that is concrete. But this is my family we are speaking about and my wife’s well being. Living in Montana doesn’t matter so much as all that i discussed. This is a difficult and exciting decision to make. I’m curious of what some of you may feel, think. Perhaps insight on the best way to handle this from anyone that may be able to relate. I have my thoughts all set on this so far i think....
  5. The program i attended MCPHS University - Worcester/Manchester doesn’t require the gre.
  6. clballin

    Advice on UC job offer?

    As someone who works in urgent care 1.5 years out of school, 3.5k in cme, small bonus plan, with currently similar pay as this offer, and without that high acuity of ER like procedures, i would say pass on this. That’s way too much for too little
  7. I would say that’s par for the course for myself working in urgent care in the Chicagoland area. Though the single coverage can be grueling when there’s a laceration to done, a malingering work comp case to be handled, 2 other cases in rooms with one that has a triage note of “chest pain”, and 2-3 other people walking in....
  8. I would agree with the above statement. Good all around ortho learning but if you’re in surgery, there are other conferences that may be more of a benefit
  9. I would choose school B. My program did not have simulation lab or cadaver lab (although we shadowed a medical examiner for 1 day) but in my opinion as long as you have a great clinical rotation experience and pass the PANCE, that’s where it counts. Up to you in the end but saving on student loans to me would be a big deal.
  10. clballin


    Don’t be concerned with this score. If I’m not mistaken my packrat was maybe a little higher than that and i passed the PANCE with ease. Your second year during rotations and studying for the EOREs will help sure up the areas you have weaknesses in. Also you are taking it a second time and will do a summative exam I’m assuming as well. There is plenty of time.
  11. Keep in mind after PA school you won’t be proficient in everything, always still learning. I would really take seriously learning your physical exam, it is vital for sure as a provider. There are certain things you will never do enough of unless you work in surgery, ER, or urgent care so don’t feel completely insecure about it. But having solid physical exam skills is what you will always do. There’s a whole lot of things you will do as a provider that will never be fully experienced as a student. I have worked in ortho surgery and urgent care but i have never done central lines or lumbar punctures for example. Don’t overstress Pa school before starting, you will have a lot to learn outside of hands on work.
  12. clballin

    Any way to get in state tuition?

    So i personally know all about this from my time in undergrad in Florida. I’m originally from Chicago and went down to FGCU for undergrad in 2007. I spent my first year getting residency before getting instate tuition my 2nd year. The process is very rigorous which requires a lot of different documentation. Scrictly just living there for school doesn’t qualify for instate tuition. You must have domiciled residency for 1 year, essentially a document saying you completely relinquish your residency anywhere else. Must show proof that you work full time during that one year (you won’t be able to do that at all in PA school), and depending on the schools requirement they may want a personal statement why you should get in state tuition.....other requirements as well. so basically it’s not as easy as it seems. There should be info with UF website regarding it. It’s a hassle and unless you live there a year prior and work, your chances greatly decrease.
  13. Is it with MCPHS Worcester/Manchester? I went their for PA school and had classmates who were literally accepted a week before class began. I would recommend updating the resume if there is anything new. Otherwise just take it as an opportunity if it doesn’t pan out in your favor.
  14. clballin

    Accepted- now what!

    I would recommend taking the time off beforehand. PA school will consume your life.
  15. Getting familiar with X-rays is a huge part of it. If you haven’t been in surgery in awhile, practice suturing for sure. Refresh on ortho surg procedures, maybe look up the arthrex website for ideas in sports med procedures. As long as your attending surgeon doesn’t make your life miserable, you should be fine.

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