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  1. Congrats to everyone getting interviews! I'm in my first year of PA school at USC currently and I cannot imagine being anywhere else. It truly is the most amazing program I could imagine, the faculty is incredible and there's no other way to describe my class than a family. PM me if you have any questions about the interview, or about the program in general :) GOOD LUCK! Holly
  2. That's good to hear!! I am on that list as well. I got accepted to USC, thankfully, if MWU doesn't work out, but I am still really wanting an interview to Midwestern...
  3. It's definitely a more pricey program, (around 43k/year for 3 years + living) but the students I have talked to have said they feel much more educated when entering the world as a PA. I guess it depends on your age and where you are in your life... I am 22 years old and am not married/no kids, so for me it's definitely worth it. I'll only be 26 when I graduate and don't have a family to support. But maybe if you have kids/family etc. a shorter, cheaper program would be better...
  4. Oh yes!!! Sorry, I sent you a private message before I read this, but I do remember you and I'm jealous you trekked to Macchu Picchu!!! So cool. I'd like to go to Peru before school starts if possible. It starts in August right?
  5. I got accepted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dr. Lohenry called this evening!!! Words can't even describe the happiness!
  6. I got in too!!!!!!!!!! Words can't even describe!!!! Congrats!!!!
  7. It's such a great interview, you get put into groups (A, B or C) and that will determine what order you go in. The student panel and the alumni panel have nothing to do with the interview. It is to make you feel more relaxed and for your own knowledge, and also to give you a feel of USC's program and what it's like. For my actual interview session, a current faculty member and a current student interviewed me in a little office. They were both extremely nice! Remember, if you're invited to the interview you know your stats are good enough, they just want to get to know you and see if you are a good fit for the program. It's your time to shine! Has anyone who interviewed October 13 heard anything yet? They said before Thanksgiving but past students I talked to said they heard as soon as 2 weeks from the interview date. I'm getting excited for the coming weeks when hopefully that phone will ring!!! :)
  8. The interview was actually so much fun and totally laid back. They go through so much effort to make sure you are comfortable. To everyone I met this weekend, (I'm the triathlete who opened for miley cyrus's sister ;) ) great to meet you and good luck!!! What a great weekend!
  9. I just got an interview invite today for October 13th as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck everyone!!! :)
  10. I got a rejection letter in the mail today :( Good luck everyone else!!!!!!
  11. That makes me feel better that I haven't gotten one yet :)
  12. Congratulations fdamico! One of my girl friends was also sent an invite to interview at Midwestern today. I sent my application June 1st and was mailed mid June so I'm hoping to get one of those emails soon too!! I am also a reapplicant, last year I applied really late and was "waitlisted for an interview," haha. I improved my application considerably and applied pretty early so I have my fingers crossed!!! Good luck and congratulations to all who have received and will receive an interview! It's a lot of work and you all deserve it :)
  13. Hi everyone! Has anyone been invited for an interview yet? A few of my friends who interviewed last year got interview invites late July/early August so I'm starting to get excited/ancy, and every email I get I have a mild MI :) Please post on here if you've been invited for an interview! Thanks! Good luck all!
  14. Has anyone gotten interview invites yet? A few friends who interviewed last year said they got their interview invite late July/early August... so every email I get I have a mild MI :)
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