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  1. I believe the class of 2016 has someone who was 50th on the wait list.
  2. You really need to make a spreadsheet with every school in the country and apply to every single one that accepts your prereqs. Applying to two won't cut it. A friend of mine with a higher GPA than yours applied to 20 schools and was interviewed at 1. Medex and Utah place a lot of emphasis on HCE.
  3. Rocky Mountain PA website is now live. http://rmuohp.edu/physician-assistant/
  4. I've got a pack-it freezer bag that I can throw some food in and it will stay cold for ~8 hours. It takes a way a lot of temptation to buy some fast food.
  5. This is the route I took. I was enrolled in UNE's awful online biochem class and had to make the choice of killing myself to get a C or a B at best or dropping the class and taking Ochem at the university where I have been taking prereqs and get an A with a normal amount of effort. I called my program and they suggested I drop the biochem class and take the ochem class.
  6. Here's what I know. http://www.physicianassistantforum.com/index.php?/topic/11831-utah-rocky-mountain-university-of-health-professions/
  7. S Brake

    NHSC 2014

    The date problem is weird because it basically doesn't have to match up at all with what your program start and end dates are. I called a couple days ago and had someone walk me through it. They don't even use those dates anyways, they use the dates that you entered above the year to year entry fields.
  8. I did the UNE chem 2 class with lab in about six weeks so it shouldn't set you back too much to have to retake chem 1.
  9. The one posted earlier is the correct address, the group was just changed to secret so I don't know if that means you can find it without being part of the group. I believe you have to be added by a member. PM me your name and Facebook info and I'll add you.
  10. S Brake

    NHSC 2014

    I'm applying as well. I'm getting my LORs ready this week, hopefully I'll be able to get the application in early.
  11. I'll post my review below. The problem with some of the other reviews is that UNE recently overhauled the class so older reviews aren't relevant. The main issues with the biochem class is that some exam questions literally stop mid-sentence, everything is closed note and closed book which would be a problem if they didn't ask such detailed and obscure questions. In the end it's up to you to decide, but just know that a vast majority of students struggled big time and ended up dropping the class.
  12. Avoid their biochemistry class like the plague. See my post in the online class thread for more details. The class is very poorly organized, I would imagine that half the students taking it the same time I did ended up dropping the class. I didn't have any of the same problems with their online chemistry classes so the problems appear to be isolated to biochem.
  13. I was in the exact same situation as you. I applied to some other schools with the backup plan that I'd apply to the U if I didn't get in this cycle and when I had enough hours. Luckily I was accepted to a great program and decided it definitely wasn't worth waiting a year to gamble on getting into their program next year. Also keep in mind that there will be another program opening in Utah county shortly.
  14. Without knowing the specifics of your situation, I would honestly give serious consideration to returning to your DO program next fall. PA programs are incredibly competitive and there aren't any guarantees you'll get in, especially considering you'll have withdrawn from another program. Who's to say you won't withdraw from the PA program as well? As a physician, you can control how much time you spend with patients. I've seen doctors spend a lot of time with patients and PAs who spend very little time with patients.
  15. I'll be attending pacific this spring and I have just over 100 hrs shadowing three PAs.
  16. I had two classes left when I applied. One school didn't like that and didn't give me an interview because of it, even thought their website says it's ok. The program I was accepted to didn't mind that I had those two classes remaining.
  17. I was 27 when I decided to become a PA. My degree was in finance and I had been working in bank regulation. I had taken a few pre-reqs during my undergrad days like chem 1, stats, English, biology. I looked around at a handful of programs and picked some of the more common required classes and decided on which ones to take. All told it was 8 classes outstanding. I immediately quit my job and started working first in a PT clinic, then in the OR. By the time I applied I had 1200 hours of paid health care experience and just over 100 hours of PA shadowing. I am 29 now and was accepted by
  18. I have a 96 4Runner now but will be looking to sell it in a few weeks in favor of either a Civic or Corolla for PA school.
  19. http://www.physicianassistantforum.com/index.php?/topic/10173-marshall-b-ketchum-pa-program/
  20. I'll be coming from Utah with my wife and daughter. Has anyone started a Facebook group?
  21. Pacific was my top choice and I was lucky enough to be accepted. After talking to several pacific grads and after the interview weekend, I felt like there was no way I wouldn't succeed at pacific. Had I not gotten in I would have withdrawn my applications to other schools just so I could reapply next year.
  22. A low GPA can be offset by increasing HCE and having lots of PA shadowing hours, likely a couple hundred hours.
  23. I hope you don't mind me asking, but what was the reason for taking the MCAT if you're not interested in med school?
  24. Having used iPads before, they've always felt like big iPhones to me. Not necessarily a bad thing considering that I'm on my third iPhone going back to the introduction of the 3G, but it's not what I want in a tablet that can legitimately replace a laptop. I also think that iPads are overpriced for what they do. I have never been a fan of android products and have admittedly not spent much time with their tablets, but they don't interest me at all. The surface is the only tablet I've used that can feasibly replace a laptop without feeling like I'm being limited to just what apps are
  25. I realize that Microsoft isn't as hip, but their products are heavily used by governments and educators worldwide. I wouldn't consider their product untested. They've had more experience with the software side of things than anyone else in the business. As far as the hardware itself being their first real foray into the manufacturing side of things, third parties have been successfully pairing their hardware with Microsoft software for decades, hardware is the easy part to get right. The surface has been in use for over a year with consumers, much longer internally I'm sure, and they haven't b
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