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  1. So excited and feeling very blessed to be joining UNTHSC Class of 2017!

  2. Undergrad Ed School: Texas Christian University (Prerequisistes at Tarrant County College and UNE) Major: Coordinated Dietetics Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.49 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.41 Graduate Ed School: (if applicable) N/A Cumulative Graduate GPA: (if applicable) N/A Science Graduate GPA: (if applicable) N/A Just finished the International Olympic Committee Diploma in Sports Nutrition (graduate level international program) Age at application time : 27 GRE: Verbal: 154 (61%), Quant: 153 (56%), Analytical: 4 (49%) Direct Patient Care: Registered Dietitian- 2 yrs at pediatric hospital, 1.5 yrs at private practice, 3 years online health coaching Other activities: professional ballet dancer, personal trainer, volunteer at the hospital I work at and with church PA Shadowing- 60 hours (ortho, interventional radiology, family practice) Schools Applied: UNTHSC, Baylor, UTSW, Duke, Northwestern, Wake Forest, Rosalind Franklin Application Mailed- July 2013 Schools Received Application Date: End of July Interview Invites: UNTHSC, Rosalind Franklin (declined after admission to UNTHSC) Denied: Duke, Baylor, UTSW Withdrew Application: Wake Forest, RFUMS, Northwestern Waitlisted: UNTHSC initially (interviewed 10/5, waitlisted 10/28, accepted 1/3/14- assuming they were waiting for my last 2 prerequisites to be done- ochem and A&P2) Accepted: UNTHSC Attending: UNTHSC Attempt: 1st Can't wait to get started on this new adventure! Congrats to everyone who will be starting PA school this year!
  3. Just got my call, can't wait to meet everyone!
  4. I just got into my top choice where I live (UNTHSC) so I decided not to attend my interview next week. Not sure if it'll open up a spot for someone else this late in the game, but hopefully that helps someone out! Good luck to everyone else still interviewing!
  5. Just got my acceptance call! Can't wait to start in July!!
  6. Just got an interview for January 10!! Yay!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I haven't heard either. I updated them with my fall prerequisite grades and Wendy said "thank you".
  8. Has anyone received an official rejection or do you know if they wait till the end to send them?
  9. I'm not sure where any of you live, but just an FYI. DFW has been basically shut down since Thursday with an awful ice storm. UNTHSC, therefore, has been closed. They are closed tomorrow as well, so I assume some communication is delayed due to that in itself....
  10. JJC did they mention when they sent them out? I haven't heard anything one way or another, but wasn't going to call until after 12/31 like the email states.
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