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  1. Thanks! I will do that.
  2. paradigm1000

    Seeking an ER position

    Thanks everyone! I tried ApolloMD and they are so slow at getting back to me. I applied in the beginning of August and still have not heard from them. I'm running into a lot jobs asking for at least a few years of experience and since I am a new grad a lot of the opportunities are not working out for me. If anyone has other advice with the job search, let me know! Thanks!
  3. I am a recent new grad and was offered a full time position at a privately owned primary care practice. The practice has 20+ docs and 10+ PA's. The practice is growing and I wanted to know if this is a good offer. ~$35/hr 15 days off $1000 towards licensing, etc $2000 towards CME 75% coverage of health and dental insurance (I pay 25%) 1st year, required to take call once a month Productivity bonus every month (provider gets 10% after $70,000) Required to sign a 3 year contract I really don't have anything to compare it to so any opinions/advice would be great! Thanks
  4. paradigm1000

    Seeking an ER position

    Hi Everyone! I am a new grad seeking a position in an ER in the Atlanta area. Please let me know if anyone can help me. Thank you
  5. paradigm1000

    Ortho Interview Prep

    Hi Everyone! I am a new grad interviewing for a Ortho position and wanted to get some tips on how to prepare for the interview Anything would be appreciated! Thank you
  6. paradigm1000

    Anybody Know Where to Get Old Packrats?

    I am looking for some old PACKRAT questions since my program did not use them. If anyone could email them to me, I would greatly appreciate it. paradigm1000@gmail.com Thank you!
  7. paradigm1000

    January 2013 Start

    Christian Brothers Uni in Memphis has a Jan 2013 start date

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