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  1. Out of respect for him, I would find another reference. It shows that you care about his well being, not just your own.
  2. Hi! Were these books recommended by South or just general books you're looking over? If you don't mind, which books did you get?
  3. I'm going w/ Nova and I'm very excited about that decision. Any news on the FB group?
  4. Thanks :). I would not say it's doubt. I am just a perfectionist and overanalyzer about certain things. I never imagined I'd have so many options (5 interview offers so far) so I kind of feel it would be silly to not weigh my options mentally...even if I'm not going to interview. Even if I happened to get more interviews, I wouldn't consider any other schools than the offers I already have. I notice no one mentioned Barry..even though I forgot to put it in the title of my post. Lol would you say Barry would be a 3rd choice compared to these schools? I'm not really considering because th
  5. Will352ns I saw conflicting views on the site, and most of it I believe was about all Nova campuses and programs in general. You'd have to skim to see the PA stuff - But anyway based on the nature of the replies alone, it seems some people are bitter so I'm taking it with a grain of salt. Here is the link http://www.studentsreview.com/FL/NSU_g.html
  6. Ive turned down interviews at a few schools for personal reasons but Ive narrowed it down to a few schools. Which would you choose between Nova Jax , South Al, or Barry University? Already was accepted at Nova and have interviews at the other places that Im debating declining. I believe I would have several distractions socially at South because of friends that are there. Not sure how Barry or South Al stacks up to Nova. My gut is telling me Nova, and Id like to practice in FL one day..Also does Nova really have a bad reputation like Ive read? I liked the campus when I visited and plan to at
  7. Also do you feel the rotations are quality, well-handled? Ok done asking questions for now! :)
  8. I am very interested to know how rotations are handled at Jax. How do they work? How many sites do you go to? Can you choose them? What specialties are highlighted? etc Also, do you need a 3.0 in each class to be considered passing? If anyone else knows the answers to these questions please let me know! Thank you
  9. how long was it after the interview that you got word that you were accepted?
  10. Which schools were these? I'm curious Good luck with your app! I retook the GRE today
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