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  1. Absolutely. The best people to answer that question are the school or program director. And I have asked them. Unfortunately their answers are so general as to be of little use. Before spending $72,000, 2 years and the start of a career a prudent person would want to know specifics about the state of the program. It is unfortunate that Chatham can not be more forthcoming with details of the probation, and details of measures they have taken to correct the situation. Because they are not forthcoming, I can only assume that the situation is worse than a cursory examination would su
  2. I am the father of an incoming student, starting at the end of this month. I am uneasy with not knowing the specific reasons that Chatham's PA program in on accreditation probation. A lot of the money that could be sent there is mine. Does anyone have specific details of the reasons for probation? clinical reasons? specifically what? classroom reasons? specifically what?
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