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  1. I know this old but since no other responses I figured I’d answer. I usually try acetic acid-hydrocortisone ear drops and PO diflucan first. If that doesn’t work I’ll do clotrimazole drops next
  2. Hi all, I resigned from my position and my last day is Friday. I have a lot of unused script pads and wanted to make sure I get rid of them properly. Do I just put them in a hippa bin to be shredded? Thanks
  3. I was first hired for general surgery but due to an increase in the residency program I was moved to otolaryngology. It is within the same physician surgical group just different specialty. I’m getting my resume together for applying to new jobs in a few months and was wondering if I should include the reason for he transfer in my resume or maybe the cover letter since it wasn’t my choice. Any thoughts? Thanks
  4. Hello all, I don't like my current signature as it is very simple and I'd like to change it. I've been using this one since starting work as a PA a little over 1 year ago. Would it be a problem with getting scripts through if I change it? Most of my scripts are electronic except for ones for post-op patients in the hospital once a week. Anyone ever change theirs and have issues? Thank you
  5. So happy to finally submit this!! Undergrad Ed School: Penn State University- biology Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.41 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.29 Age at application time : 23 GRE: 153 verbal, 152 Quant, 3.5 writing Direct Patient Care : CHHA ~450 hours, Hospital volunteer~ 140 hours PA shadowing: 5 PAs (cardiac surgery, ortho surgery, thoracic surgery and neurosurgery) total ~100 hours Extracurricular/Research Activities: Lifeguard for 7 years, red cross club, THON committee member/org volunteer Schools Applied: arcadia, daemen, long island-brooklyn, salus, misericordia, seton hill, PCOM, seton hall, MCPHS-worcester Application Submitted Date: 11/18/12 Interview Invites: seton hill, LIU-brooklyn, seton hall, MCPHS-worcester waitlisted: seton hall Accepted: MCPHS-worcester (attending as of now, but if I get in to seton hall from the waitlist it'll be a tough decision since shu is closer to home) attempt: second It wasnt easy, but hard work pays off! Dont give up if you don't get in first try!
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