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  1. I know this old but since no other responses I figured I’d answer. I usually try acetic acid-hydrocortisone ear drops and PO diflucan first. If that doesn’t work I’ll do clotrimazole drops next
  2. Hi all, I resigned from my position and my last day is Friday. I have a lot of unused script pads and wanted to make sure I get rid of them properly. Do I just put them in a hippa bin to be shredded? Thanks
  3. I was first hired for general surgery but due to an increase in the residency program I was moved to otolaryngology. It is within the same physician surgical group just different specialty. I’m getting my resume together for applying to new jobs in a few months and was wondering if I should include the reason for he transfer in my resume or maybe the cover letter since it wasn’t my choice. Any thoughts? Thanks
  4. Hello all, I don't like my current signature as it is very simple and I'd like to change it. I've been using this one since starting work as a PA a little over 1 year ago. Would it be a problem with getting scripts through if I change it? Most of my scripts are electronic except for ones for post-op patients in the hospital once a week. Anyone ever change theirs and have issues? Thank you
  5. Hello all, I am a recent grad and have been practicing for about 5 months. I'm starting to look into CME conferences and noticed there are a lot that are listed as PANRE review. I was wondering if these are only for people taking the PANRE soon or if others go too. if others do go can you get CME credits for going to more than one per year? Thank you!
  6. It definitely depends what state you live in and how long it takes you to get a job. Licensing can take a while depending on what state you will be practicing in and then if you work at a hospital getting credentials/privileges take awhile too. I just graduated in December and won't be working until the end of May.
  7. I got an iPad Air for school and loved it. I downloaded all the power points and used iannotate to type in notes and draw on the slides. One thing annoying was having to convert the ppt to a pdf to annotate it, but some professors put up both options. Overall I loved it and never had a problem with it
  8. Hello all, I am a new grad and have been applying to lots of jobs. Some places reply quickly with a response to an application, mostly that I am not qualified, but there are a lot of applications that I have submitted about a month ago and haven't heard anything back yet. I know it takes time to review all applicants they receive and contact references and with the holidays it will delay the process some, but I was wondering based on others experience if it usually takes a while to hear back. Thank you!
  9. 1. The extra money depends on your situation like whether you love on campus or not and have rent and other bills and such to pay. So it's hard to say if that's enough 2. If by the site you mean the Facebook page I think it went up in December or maybe late November. I don't really remember sorry! 3. I didn't really do anything to prepare beforehand. The first year is very intense and you will learn more than you can imagine. So I would just relax and enjoy your time while you can lol Hope this helps! Feel free ask any other questions or message me
  10. Hello all, I'm a second year PA student and will be graduating in December. I really enjoy the OR and am looking into surgical jobs. I have some interest in ortho and as I look at job listings I see a lot of ortho positions and a lot seem open to training new grads. I have shadowed in ortho surgery but did not have a rotation in it (we only had one elective and I chose CT surg), so I was wondering if a rotation in the specialty, especially something like ortho is usually required to be considered or hired. Thanks
  11. M0214 answered most about the clinicals. There are locations in Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire as well, it's all up to the lottery as what you get. During the first year we were in class from 8-5 most days. Tuesday's and Friday's were lab days so they were usually a little shorter. There was free time depending on the test schedule. I still was able to go to the gym most days and again depending on the test schedule was still able to go out with classmates on a Friday or Saturday night and have some fun. It also depends on your own ways of studying. I know some classmates that studied 24/7 but I personally would go crazy if I did that, so I always took time for my mental health too. my lunch break was a break and not study time and I always took time after class to relax before studying at night. Hope that helps!
  12. Hello all, I'm a second year PA student and will be graduating in December. I really enjoy the OR and have been interested in ortho. As I look at job listings I see a lot of ortho positions. I have shadowed in ortho surgery but did not have a rotation in it (we only had one elective and I chose CT surg) so I was wondering if a rotation is usually required to be considered or hired. Thanks
  13. Hey Sbusch, Im a second year PA student at the Worcester campus. The professors that tend to lecture aren't usually around because at least during my year most lectures were in Manchester, but we have our own professors here and they were always around in their office and available if you need them. The ones in Manchester were always available through email as well if you have any questions. An advantage to Worcester is that it's only 2 years while the Boston program is closer to 3. If anyone has any other questions about the Worcester-Manchester program feel free to ask here or message me!
  14. Hello everyone, I'm a second year PA student and graduating in December. I was looking for advice on when I should start applying for jobs. Since I'm anticipating not being able to start until March (February at the earliest) due to taking the PANCE and then waiting for licensure I was wondering if it's worth it to start now or wait until December? Thank you
  15. I'm a current first year pa student and myself and some others got a fellow pa as a roommate but others didn't. I think it just depends on where you're living/what's available. Feel free to message me with other questions, I know I had a lot!
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