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  1. Well that's good because I like overdrive... thanks for your prompt response! I believe there are a few similar programs to Lynchburg starting, which I think is great for our profession.
  2. Hello folks! I am curious as to what all of your experiences are w/ healthcare administration degrees (masters, doctorates, etc) for PAs. I am planning to start an MHA or one of the DMSc degrees available to PAs within the next few years. Now, I know that is not to say I really HAVE to have another degree to work my way into administration roles in the future, but I believe it will make me more competitive when I am up against MBAs, MHAs, MDs and RNs w/ advanced admin degrees. I have been looking at some of the DMSc degrees that are popping up (Rocky Mountain, Lynchburg) and am interes
  3. You guys, I still get asked DAILY what a PA is... so it's not like this is going to be a huge brainwashing scam with our patients. 50% of my patients have no idea what a PA is, so changing to Medical Practitioner won't be mind-boggling and actually might make them understand our role better. As a matter of fact, until I start talking to my patients about biochemistry and medication interactions or end-organ failure, yada yada yada, most of the patients I see think I'm the physician's billing person, the hospital patient advocate, the social worker, or the nurse. Very rarely do I walk in
  4. Oh, and a bonus to my previous response... the fact that I actually have internal medicine and general surgery training/experience actually makes me more “desirable” to work in the hospital C/L setting vs my PMHNP colleagues. They work in the psychiatric center next door and do not engage in any medicine patients at the main hospital at all (which I prefer). The doctors trust me to see their patients in the medical center, and in fact sometimes ask me my opinion in treatments. I feel very satisfied with my role, and feel i have a lot of autonomy that i would not have in other specialties.
  5. I am truly digging this specialty. I work on a C/L service so I still get to view telemetry, CTs, MRIs, and r/o encephalopathies of all sorts. Plus it’s a level 1 trauma center, level 1 cardiac center, and level 1 stroke center, with a burn unit and a neuroICU. There is plenty of severe psych pathology as well as a detox program for patients. For a PA, this is huge, because I don’t feel like I’m simply passing around SSRIs all day and losing all of my medicine experience. I get to still be a part of it (even if it’s from a psych angle) every day.
  6. Hello fellow PAs in Psychiatry! I am working in my 3rd year as a PA (1st year in forensic psychiatry, then 6 months in hospital medicine, then 1 year now in general psychiatry). I currently love my job and the practice I work for, so I have no interest in leaving. I am negotiating my 2nd year contract w/ my current psychiatry practice. My contract is pretty good, considering I am only one of 6 psychiatric PAs in my state and the laws and acceptance for psych PAs is, frankly, crap in this state. They have been really working with me despite many insurance companies refusing to credenti
  7. 60min initial, 15-30min follow up, depending on the patient. 20min for injections w/ education time, etc.
  8. I’m bumping this. I take the exam in April and have been studying Stahl’s and UpToDate, as well as just regular PA exam question banks, but there isn’t much else out there that offers guidance as to good textbooks, etc. Interested to hear if there are any others out there who have taken it. As an aside, where I live, the three largest insurance companies do not recognize PAs as psychiatric providers and will only consider credentialing a PA if I pass this extra exam. Very full of NPs (three PMHNP programs, online and otherwise, just in my city alone). So not much incentive to credenti
  9. Yes, I'm concerned that this will become "but the company needs you to work extra shifts, and your contract states you have a minimum only". I had actually tried to negotiate extra duty pay above 180 shifts and a sign-on bonus, which was declined with the mention that it's a start-up company and they do not have resources to meet my demands at this time. I'm now countering with a higher base salary with the explanation that I'm leaving a stable company with great benefits (but a job I HATE, not mentioned) to engage in a huge risk (and pay cut) with a small private organization with vagu
  10. I spoke with the malpractice carrier, and this company does have a separate plan in place that covers tail in the event an employee leaves. I'm not at all sure why she is so adamant that I have "paid tail" written in the contract. The only way I'd be required to pay tail under this plan is if the company dissolves, and then it is $400.00 (which is 200% the separate tail plan yearly premium). I am also writing in that I will have a PRN job and that it will not interfere with my FT obligations. So, in your experience, are you able to just say "No, I can't work a pop-up shift for you tom
  11. Thank you folks. My partner is currently a tenuring college professor, thus we cannot leave the area right now until he makes tenure (+/- 2 years from now). And yes, I have no interest in paying to quit a job, which would make this entire situation horrible IF I want to quit. I don't know why these people expect a PA to be able to afford thousands of $$ in tail coverage, but it certainly appears to be a way to keep people working for them even in poor conditions. I agree with all of you that they plan to utilize me as a work horse. I have asked to get the malpractice carrier's contact
  12. I finally heard back from them. I hired an attorney (which was NOT cheap) and we forwarded our recommendations to make this an equitable contract and they still refuse to change anything. They are requiring I pay tail coverage if I leave the company, which I find absurd. It's an evergreen contract without any COL increases built in, maximum bonuses based on productivity (metrics of which I'm not allowed to see) and no PTO. I'm required to do a minimum of 180 10-hour shifts with no extra duty pay built in if I do more. I can always refuse other shifts, I suppose. 401k matching d
  13. Went with Cecil's to start for at-home reading. I had most of the other pocket manuals listed above already. Thanks!
  14. I'd like to bump this back up into play. I'm seeking a really comprehensive textbook to utilize (and prepare) for hospital medicine. Anything new out there?
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