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  1. It looks like I'm about to be offered a position at a rehab hospital in Pennsylvania for an evening/night float position covering new admissions. The position is starting at 90,000 ("with wiggle room"). I'm unsure if I should negotiate for a little bit higher considering the wiggle room comment. Perhaps request moving fees or maybe starting at 92,500? The position is 5 days a week 2-10PM. 29days PTO, 2 days for CME, $1250 for CME. Great benefits, pension, life insurance.
  2. I just took the PANCE on the 12th and I feel the exact same way! I'm stressing out so much!! This is the longest 2 weeks of my life!!
  3. As you stated I am the student that ends up in the middle. My parents make enough money for themselves but it's too much for me to be qualified as a low income family. So I fell in the middle. The surprising part is that I didn't go to a private undergraduate school I went to a state school. However, I wasn't able to get into a state school for PA school and ended up going to a private school in NY where cost of living is high and I always had to take out a lot in private loans to cover the living expenses, so that's where the majority of my debt comes from.
  4. I have an upcoming interview for a rural pediatric practice. They salary was stated at 60,000-75,000 dependent on experience. Since I'm a new grad I'm thinking that they may offer closer to 60,000. Other benefits include 2 weeks paid vacation, 1 week and 2000 for CMEs and full medical, dental and eye insurance. I have over $250,000 in school loans and I'm nervous that 60,000 is not enough money for me. Is this too low?
  5. My school is paying for us to take the Kaplan review. Has anyone taken it and think that is truly beneficial and helped them pass the boards?
  6. There is a previous blog regaurding the school. I really don't think it is a bad school, just look at the pass rates, especially at the Long Island campuses.
  7. http://www.facebook.com/groups/280176355434882/ here's the link for the facebook group!!
  8. What's your name on facebook? I want to try and find everyone and start a group!
  9. I got invited for an interview in April or June and interviewed the first week in July
  10. No not really, I will probably start looking into it more around November/December.
  11. I applied end of 2011/early 2012, I already graduated with a Bio degree from East Stroudsburg University with a GPA 3.4, sciences GPA 3.2. I have 250 shadowing hours, 200 volunteer hours in an ER and work in an ER as a secretary. Good luck!!
  12. I just got accepted last week and wanted to see if anyone else on here was accepted!! Let me know! -Rachel :=D:
  13. I interviewed two weeks ago and still haven't heard anything. Is this normal? How long do they normally take? This is my last school left that I applied to. If I don't get in I'm really going to be heart broken.
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