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  1. Did you guys become ER techs with a CNA certificate or EMT certificate?
  2. I am interested in being a PA but I don't know how to get more HCE hours. I have been considering taking a CNA class at Red Cross, but I find the course extremely boring and honestly I do not want to do the dirty work. I would be interested in doing EKGs and blood draws, but bedpans and bathing sound horrendous to me. I don't really understand why it's important to have this experience if PAs don't have to do this work. I have an EMT certificate and have applied for a few per diem/part time positions for ED tech at hospitals but haven't had luck in hearing back from any. I don't know if it's because I don't have too much experience as an EMT, am applying only for per diem shifts, or if CNA is the preferred certification. Do you know if a CNA certificate would help me get a hospital based clinical job such as ED tech, patient care tech, etc if I already have a EMT certificate? Also do PA schools prefer to see a continuous period of paid clinical employment rather than having clinical hours scattered about from volunteering in different positions during undergrad years?
  3. How many classes per semester do take for your program? Is 9 typical?
  4. Would they count my anatomy grades twice? isn't that built in GPA padding? lol
  5. I thought a lot of schools don't accept online courses or at least strongly recommend traditional classroom courses. Is that true? How does lab even work as an online course?
  6. I took a semester of Human Anatomy. I can't find a university near me that offers only Physiology for me to finish my pre-reqs, they only offer A&P 1 and A&P2. Would it look bad if I take A&P 1 and A&P2 if I already took Anatomy since it's repeating a course?
  7. I took a semester of Human Anatomy. There is no university near me that offers only Physiology for me to finish my pre-reqs, they only offer A&P 1 and A&P2. Would it look bad if I take A&P 1 and A&P2 if I already took Anatomy? Isn't that like repeating a course? I did well in Anatomy.
  8. Do PANCE scores make a difference? Or is it just pass/fail?
  9. Do grades you receive in PA school or rank you are in class matter for getting a job after graduation? Or are you just as likely as any of your classmates to get the job you want when you have your degree?
  10. Is there a list of schools that require the lab portion of Anatomy and Physiology? I am currently taking Anatomy with lab right now, but the school I'm taking Physiology at doesn't have a lab portion. Is this a problem? Has anyone on here ever compiled a sheet with what academic course requirements there are for individual PA schools around the country? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Is non-clinical volunteering/ community service required or recommended to gain admission at certain schools? Is there a number of hours to aim for?
  12. Hi guys, I am new to this forum and would be grateful for some advice. I'm 21 years old and am going to start my senior year of college. I have been pre-med for most of my college career and am doing some soul-searching in what I really want. I've never been very confident in thinking I have what it takes to get into medical school, but it has always been a goal. My obstacle is that I am struggling with my science courses and have a low science GPA of 3.2 science (including B/B+ in General Bio 1 and 2, B+/C in General Chem 1 and 2, W in Orgo 1, also dropped a physics course and a second attempt at Orgo without W's). I'm a psychology major and have a 3.68 overall GPA. Lately I have been doing research on PA school as another option, but don't know much about it, so please forgive me if I seem oblivious. I was wondering: Is PA school supposed to be any less rigorous than med school? Can people who don't get into med school get into PA school? I haven't taken anatomy and physiology and was wondering if I should try to squeeze them in before graduating in case I end up doing PA, or if it doesn't matter if I take it after college if I am worried of not getting very good grades in them now. If I am still not sure which path to take, should I try as hard as possible to make it in med school with post-bacc courses before committing to PA school and squeezing in all the requirements now? In terms of extracurriculars, I volunteer as an EMT-B on my college campus, volunteered in an emergency department, pediatrics department, shadowed MDs, been on a short medical brigade, and have done 3 years of medically related research. I don't have that much HCE. Thanks so much for any replies, I'd really appreciate it
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