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  1. update: I continued to interview and was offered an urgent care position starting at over 100k so I took that. I still want to end up in dermatology but like many of you said, I needed to be realistic about my financial situation and paying back loans. I am trying to pay back all my student loans in 2 years and with this urgent care position where I can pick up as many shifts as I want, this is feasible. The dermatologist looking to hire me was a bit unorganized and did not have answers to many of my questions such as health insurance, malpractices, etc. and had to continue to research all
  2. Was offered a new grad dermatology job at a brand new practice for 60k with benefits for the first year of training, etc. After the first year it goes up to 75k plus bonus. The 60k really worries me but dermatology is very hard to get into in the area that I live in. This is the only derm job that has been available to new grads in the past 6 months over all job boards What do you all think?
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