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  1. Hey Oneal!! I apologize for the sentence i wrote above..Actually I cudnt find this ebook in any online store except Pediatric ebooks. You can install the AAP ebooks app and download it to your device.
  2. Neonatal resuscitation should be done by an experienced physician. Because so many practitioners do not much about proper technique of resuscitation and it result baby's death. That's why I voted for Neonatal Physician Assistant.
  3. Yes you may be right but I do not think Amazon kindles are having nice apps and user friendliness. But any way I found these e-books quite compatible in my iPad in compare to other e-books. I was looking for an e-book on neonatal resuscitation and i could find this e-book in any online store except Pediatric eBooks. Let me know if you have any reference,I will appreciate that. Thank for comment.....
  4. Finding medical e-books is really difficult. Because lot service are really poor quality or not working. Here I have some nice quality medical e-books which are compatible with iPad and iPhones. I like these e-books because they are having quite excellent apps with and hope these are useful to you also. Medical eBooks Microbiology eBooks Pediatric eBooks Pharmacy eBooks Health eBooks I appreciate your comments. Cheers...........
  5. I am very sorry for this.....but you can search other ebooks which are having huge discounts....
  6. I have come across through these well known ebooks which I found quite beneficial for medical students and professionals in neonatal and orthopedic fields. I hope these free ebooks will help you in exploring your medical knowledge. Please do not forget to leave your feedback. [h=4]Orthopaedic Basic Science 3[/h] AAP Textbook eBook Collection Regards
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