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  1. Most pa programs are not happy to hear that you're interested in nursing as a plan B because they are very different roles, however personally I can understand why you want to have a back up plan since it is difficult to get into pa school . Personally I don't think they would know that you applied and I doubt they check that but it could come up if you're applying at the same school .
  2. iPad is great. Online exception of books you need physical is Harrison's (that's for next spring, summer fall and forever) and Guyton . They are both available as PDFs , and I have adapted to using them. I used to be a paper and pen person but I just found that I studied more when I had all my stuff with me at all times on my iPad. These books are too heavy to carry all the time and you'll find yourself putting them in your locker and then you are without it on the train, or in class. Better to have access to both until you figure out what works best for you. And remember, what works for you won't work for someone else. Try to learn from other people's study methods and try to share yours to those who are willing to adapt and change their methods. Also, don't resist the iPad lol. Many people didn't think they could afford it but by the beginning of summer semester, over 75 percent of our class has a laptop or iPad. It would of been easier to give in from the beginning and use loan money or get it as a Christmas present. I got the iPad mini because I couldn't afford the full iPad or a laptop. Some people got cheaper tablets of other name brands.
  3. @hype, and everyone else who's willing to read these long posts lol: You can commute and be ok. I come from queens in the train and actually get. A lot of studying done on the train. It is annoying to wake up earlier and if yore running late it's stressful but I planned ahead for that most days. I get to school way before the people who live closer . It's a matter of what works for you. Try not to be in a rush to get home, it will stress you out. There are people like that in my class too and I find that they are always annoyed when we have to stay for a meeting, or when a class extends past the 5:00 pm. Just go with the flow of the class, and try to adapt to the curveballs . The days are long and you will be tires by the end of the day. But the day has just begun, and now its time to study and read after class. You will find that it's hard to have plans during pa school but try not to let that discourage you. The key word is : adapt and adapt and adapt and when you think you have adapted, adapt again, keep adapting. Resisting the change makes this a painful process. Example, classes have to extend past the time , your class reps want to have a meeting last minute but you have a doctors appointment, a classmate needs help with something and you have to catch a train, I could go on and on about all the unpredictable things that come up but you won't remember lol. Just remember adapt. Next thing you know you'll be looking back and giving the class of 2017 advice!
  4. Congratulations to everyone in the upcoming class of 2016. My name is Ashley and I'm in the class with ya costa , graduating class of. 2015. Just a few words of advice as you get closer to the day of excitement- July 9th. I remember it like it was yesterday . Dress professionally and be prepared to dress professionally every day. I was shocked to learn that no jeans, no open toe shoes, no tank tops etc. I guess I figured it would be just like college once classes started but nope! Professional clothes everyday! Also, be prepared to be told over and over and over and over and over about how hard and overwhelming the program can be. Don't be discouraged by this, instead every time you hear this "advice" just remember you we're chosen and if you are here, you can do it. It's been done before and you are not the first and won't be the last. Also, be prepared to adapt, you might be a paper and pen person only but in order to do well, you will need to try an iPad or you might be a laptop lover but now for Garvey you need that textbook daily in class. Be willing to change your study habits if they are not working. Finally, most of us realized in spring and summer that we needed an iPad, the paper load because overwhelming , and having an iPad kept all notes accessible , all textbooks accessible and searchable and organized. I wish someone would have told me this when I started . I ended up getting mine in spring and i am in love. I know it's expensive, but I got the iPad mini and it was less then the full . There are also other cheaper tablets , like google tablets etc. trust me. You will need a smart phone where you can have constant access to your emails from faculty and professors , your schedule for the day which changes frequently, and internet to look up things when you get asked in class! Finally, do not feel the need to compete with classmates, the people you meet on July 9th , may not seem like what you were expecting but trust the process, if pa faculty picked them, they can teach you something. Don't let anyone's skin color, pretty face, accent, prior medical experience, prior academic experience , FOOL YOU. Everyone in this program is brilliant in their own way and if you give everyone in you class, they will teach YOU something and make you a better Pa. Avoid cliques and try to get to know everyone. You will be together a long time. Share with your class. The competition is over, you're here: the goal is for everyone to graduate . It's not like science classes where you look to your left and right and some people will be here and some people won't. Or the goal is to do better the class average. The goal is to get above 70, no matter how smart you are, you will fail at times so just keep going. If you are strong Ina topic, help your classmates. You will have a weakness and want their help later. First impressions are hard to forget so make a good one! See you guys soon! Congratulations once again!!
  5. Congrats to all accepted for class if 2016.!! Very exciting! I'm in class of 2015, see you in July!!!
  6. I just gave birth during didactic year. I can't back two days later and took a pharmacology exam and did pretty well. Now it's four weeks later and I'm heading into finals week. It was hard and it still is but with support you can do it :) message me with any questions. Or email azwerin@yahoo.com
  7. The only true negative I could see is that you can't own your own practice , but that doesn't stop you from treating patients. That's the goal , keep your eye on the prize not the prestige.
  8. Honestly it's normal to have second thoughts but I do think you should realize that at the end of the day if you want to be satisfied and help people, you can do that as a pa or as a md. There are restrictions on pas but not in the way that stops you from diagnosing and treating people, and that's what matters the most. You can prescribe medications, narcotics, order and interpret tests,specialize see patients independently, and Honestly I found that doctors are actually MORE restricted in their scope of practice because once they pick a speciality they are pretty much stuck, and if they want to double specialize or practice two at the same time or change their mind later in their career, they have to retrain. PAS ARE TRAINED TO SWITCH AND PRAXTICE BETWEEN SPECIALITIES INCLUDING SURGERY at the same time. No retraining needed. So to me, I loved that aspect of flexibility. Also no residency required, short but hard 2 years dedication to school compared to 8 years. It's not for everyone but honestly . Even as a young inexperienced doctor people will have negative things to say to you. Remember, If someone is sick or wants to be helped, they will get past the title and see the persons compassion underneathe that, md or not .
  9. I disagree that he will be home to help during didactic year. If anything clinical year he will have adapted better and know how to study. Pa school is very different then working and going to school full time. I did that and I did it pregnant and pa school is still way harder and time consuming. I would recommend waiting until his rotation phase to get pregnant. 1 year is not a major affect on the high risk pregnancy.
  10. Anyone know or been through pregnancy in pa school?
  11. Does anyone know what the must haves or must not have apps for pa students looking to use an iPad for textbooks, studying and note taking? Also can you explain what the app does and any disadvantages and how you worked around that disadvantage? Include prices and location to buy if possible! You guys are all so helpful thank you. Ps I did see a previous post about this but want additional suggestions! Ps (I downloaded keynote for typing into power points but can't find notability?) anyone know about this for the iPhone?
  12. There are some schools that you can do an accelerated bs-md program like my school in NYC , Sophie davis . Also, It's a at state school so tuition is super cheap!! Pa school is 2500/semester! Awesome! Also, there are undergraduate pa programs where you can apply right out of high school such as st johns and long Island university in ny
  13. Oh yes and pas can specialize in more then one area at one time where as an md would have to do 4 years training in each of those specializes and residencies. If you're interested in that many specialities, pa is perfect for you because you can do surgery 3 days a week and cardiology 3 days a week
  14. I think emt is a great quick option for money and patient experience as this is something that is more effective if you are exposed over time , versus the nursi degree you will have to wait to work until you graduate but you will make more money and learn how to do more procedures such as injections that maybe Emts dot usually have to do. You also have to consider study time and working will be hard but worth while if you manage your time and plan correctly and get informed which you are making a great choice in reaching out to this forum, keep asking questions and verifying information because it changes all the time! I did a medical assistant certificate in high school and worked in peds, internal medicine and cardiology through out college so I have 5 years of patient care and experience already! And I start pa school on Monday, studying is easier so far (in medical terminology ) because of the classes i took which I mentioned in my first post and the experience , it's amaing how much less I need to study ofthe basics and I can focus on the harder things . Don't underestimate what you can learn fr doing!
  15. Specializing may or may not increase your salary but in most cases it will increase your salary. I think most pas start between 70-80k/year and can go up to 120k/year when doin highly specialized surgery such as cardiothoracic and neuro. There are no residencies required but emergency room is a great place to start for experience and exposure. Also, in terms of the difference between pa and np, the np can own their own practice where as a pa can not. However they do the same duties and are qualified to treat and prescribe patients the same. They can both specialize however I dot see nurse practitioners specializing in the areas you mentioned as often as pa becaus ether aren't necessarily trained that way unless they pursue higher education
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