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  1. I am a PA-S in my clinical year at George Washington University and am eager to do a primary care rotation on Oahu, where I have family I can stay with. I am very interested in Hawaii's unique population and medical needs and am looking for an MD, PA or NP willing to precept for 6 weeks! Please let me know if you have any leads!
  2. Good point! The metro stations for Foggy Bottom and Union Station are both as close as they possibly could be to where you need to be so it would be really simple. Since the interview day is on a Saturday, I think traffic for a cab ride wouldn't be an issue. But, as always in DC, beware the random presidential motorcade!
  3. The day is very structured. Our session did go until 3 but not too much after, as I remember. The last event is a 30 minute closing remarks session, which you could probably slip out early from if you spoke with them. They usually ask in the beginning of the day if anyone has travel plans to make that evening. Hopefully you're in one of the morning interview groups so you don't have to stress about it as much. Union Station is across town. It will take 30 minutes with the metro. Take a cab if you're worried about time.
  4. I'm in too! I interviewed in September and found out about a week later.
  5. Northeastern grants a few acceptances right away from each interview group. My letter was dated the Monday after our Saturday interview. The rest of the candidates are reviewed again after all interview sessions are finished in December. Good luck!
  6. I hear that for off campus housing, it's best to use a broker. I know someone who did his residency at Cornell and lived in the campus housing. He said it was a good amount of space for NY and it was a very affordable option and great location. I hear they have an underground tunnel to the hospital so you don't even have to see the light of day! ;)
  7. You'll get an email from the program when your decision status is ready. I don't think it is available until then.
  8. I ended up declining the interview at Colorado. I wasn't sure how many interview offers I would get, but I ended up with several, so I had to choose which ones to travel to. I decided against Colorado because of the 3 year duration and because I would have to complete Genetics before entering next semester. Good luck to those who are interviewing!
  9. I got an interview offer for October 19th, but I'm unable to attend that date. They offered Oct 26th too, but my October is already nailed down. Now just waiting for something to open up in November...
  10. @kaglidersleeve, I'm in the same boat! Coming from California for the Oct. 22nd date!
  11. My CASPA was mailed 6/23 and my supplemental was submitted 6/24.
  12. Just received an interview invite for September 18 yesterday. Anyone else?
  13. Hmm, good question. I don't know the answer to that, but I asked if there were any other interview dates and they have yet to schedule any. First round at least!
  14. Hey guys! @caitegiles, I'm coming from CA! @ckl257, I submitted CASPA in mid- June, received my secondary in mid-July. Undergrad BA Psychology and German at Wake Forest University, Post-Bacc at Berkeley Extension CASPA Cumulative GPA: 3.53 Science GPA: 3.97 HCE 2000 hours in surgery EMT and Phlebotomy licenses
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