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  1. Larislow, Have you heard anything back regarding the wait-list? Which wait-list were you placed on? Thanks in advance!
  2. Congrats avil007!! May I ask, when you interviewed? Also, as larislow mentioned, what have you sent as additional materials? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello almbyers. It should have been listed on the mail they sent you, whether you are on the high or low waitlist. If there is no specification then you may fall in between. I guess just call again and ask anyone who answers you. Let them know that you need more information and that naisha isn't very helpful. Hope this helps.
  4. Hello Sparrowandjack, I was looking through previous threads from the prior class and noticed that the class sizes went up to around 50-55. I am hoping for the same turn-around this year. I could be mistaken though, so we will see. I sent 3 additional letters of recommendation and I am in the process of sending an updated form of patient care hours, soon. I have been calling to speak to Naisha but they always tell me that she is not in her office. I'm assuming that she is there but will not answer any phone calls due to the influx of calls she probably gets on a daily basis. They told me that any questions regarding status, should be addressed via email. So, that is what I have been doing since my interview in October. It is very frustrating waiting, but I am hoping that all this waiting will turn positively in our favor. Good luck to all who are waiting anxiously and patiently to be accepted. I hope we all get our chance. By the way, sparrowandjack, I too am on the "High Alternate Wait list" and from what Mrs. Bible told me (which was the first and last time i was able to speak with her via phone), was that not a lot of people are placed on the "High" Wait list and that we shouldn't worry so much because accepted students usually decline invitations as they hear back from other schools. So, hopefully this works in our favor :/
  5. Hello, larislow and sparrowandjack. I am in the same boat :/ I, too, am on the high alternate waitlist. Touro is my top choice as well. I am getting worried bc like you mention, sparrowandjack, we were supposed to be notified march/april and possibly early May. When I attended the October interview session, I was under the impression that there were only going to be a couple more interviews in November and December and that was it. Then I read on here that people are being invited for interviews in May, too? That's pretty crazy and worries me. How many seats are available, again? Do either of you know? Also, in regards to what we submit post interviews, I have submitted additional letters of recommendation, so far. This whole process is very frustrating and nerve-wracking. Good luck to all of you. I hope all of us get pulled off the waitlist and get to attend class together :)
  6. Oh yeah I submitted that. Thank you! Have you heard anything? I've called twice and left vms but no one responds to them. Very frustrating.
  7. What was the supplemental? I want to see if I submitted it as well.
  8. It is a mix of staff members. They place you in groups of 5, I believe. In the group interview you are placed in a conference room with two faculty/staff members and they ask questions to all of you as a group.
  9. I know how you both feel "toyotabike" and "tas4" Lets just hope for the best. If you don't mind me asking, which waitlist did they put you on?
  10. Hello, Be yourself (I know, pretty cliche...everyone says that), but it's true. They can see through any facade so just be yourself, and remain cool, calm and collected. The interview day starts off with a small breakfast where you and fellow candidates are introduced to the faculty, staff and student leaders. You are then assigned your student leader. From there you follow the schedule you are given (every group has different schedules). The schedules contain the following: interview with PA and MPH faculty members (2 total), group interview with PA program director and staff member, lunch, seminar on financial aid, writing sample using their resources from their library (you pick journals, books, internet aritcles, etc, and research a topic of interest and answer questions that they give you (in essay format, i believe). That's pretty much how the day went. The questions asked in the interviews, were pretty much why PA/MPH, and the rest were pretty much scenario based questions. I can't really remember them, im sorry. Just search "ethical based scenario questions in interviews." You should get the general gist of what they may ask you. Hope this helped. Good luck!
  11. Waitlisted....high priority :/ "God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference. " Good luck to all!
  12. Has anyone heard anything yet? Have they started inviting for interviews??
  13. Has anyone heard anything about interviews? Or do they not send out interview notifications until January? Good luck to all :)
  14. Has anyone heard anything? I'm trying to stay positive but I have to face the reality that if I didn't receive a phone call yet, then it's safe to say that I'm not in. Anyway, good luck to all and keep your head up :)
  15. Thank you! Glad you took the initiative to call. Best of luck to you, as well as, to all who are anxiously anticipating a call :)
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